Amarawati = America / Awasthya =O’ vates / Vatican= Vat -is – is = vashisht /Indra = Israel (2)

Tethy / Tibet / Amarawati

Now we know that Himalyan range named as “Chure” carry history of Lau nandan and Kings of Almora who titled themselves “Basdeo Girraj Chakra Churamani ” . Now we shall go for second Himalyan range that carried Tradition of Indra and Amarawati and that is “Tethys “. The tethy or Tibetan, Himalayan Range is also clue to world history. So please read about this range. It is clue to History of Indra ,Sanatan Hindu God of war ,world over.

Link to Tethy

History of founding of Ayodhya says us that Indra ,Amarawati ,Manu , Agni ,Awasthya , Yama ,Budha,Narad were saved in Great flood.. Vedic age ended with great flood and devided continents due to emergence of Oceans.
But Gods were in knowledge of Vedic and pre vedic structure of Earth. Tethy is prevedic or Vedic term…In this realm (tethy) Indra ruled in Vedic period. People of Kumaon and Garhwal still remember Nandan Kanan that carry history of Indra.

Link for more tethy facts

Indra Sahsra Namawali

In previous article on the subject we have seen that Amorite tribes of Amarawati reached Israel and named Yerushalem. Now we shall check tribe’s history in Egypt.. To Understand History One should be aware about Indra Sahsra Namawali . So Again I am providing you link to Namavali. The Namavali carry names like Purnabandhuraya = Perfect Beauty, , Tigmasmgaya , Carate , Viduse , Isiraya – Lord , Cyavanaya , Yoddhre = fighter, Jyesthya sahase , Yahave, Tuvikurmitamaya = Stirring Most Mightily. The words says history of Indra , Sanatan Hindu God of War.

Link to Indra Namwali

Link to Amorite tribes in Syria and Cannan

Now we shall begin with Amratian and Gerzean Culture of Egypt.

Amratian Culture / Gerzean culture

The Amratian Culture was a cultural period in the history of predynastic ,upper Egypt, which lasted approximately from 4000 to 3500 BC. It is named after the site of El –Amara (Almora ?), about 120 km (75 mi) south of Badari ,Upper Egypt . El-Amra was the first site where this culture group was found without being mingled with the later GerZean Culture group. Means fisrt tribes of Amarawati reached El –Amara and then tribes of Garhwal also reached there.

Link to Amratian Culture

Amorite tribes is clue to evryhting. So pl read about this tribe.

Link to Amorite tribes

Indra and Pharaoh

Before going for further facts let us know Our “Indra” first. The following link will help you to understand Indra…Hindu God of War . We forget Indra..How can we recognize Pharoah ?

Link1 to Indra

Link -2 to Indra

Link to Pongal and Indra

Link -1 says about different terminology for Indra in different traditions and countires of the world .

“ Trayastrimsa “ / “Sakara Deva “

Budhisam says Indra ruler of the Trayastrimsa heaven . it says that Since Trayastrimsa is physically connected to the world through Sumeru, unlike the heavens above it, the Trayastrimsa gods are unable to avoid being entangled in worldly affairs. In particular, they frequently find themselves in quarrels with the Asuras, semi-divine beings who were long ago expelled from Trayastrimsa, at the beginning of the reign of the present Sakra and who now dwell at the foot of Sumeru, plotting for ways to recover their lost kingdom. There is, however, marriage between the Trayastrimsa devas and the Asuras, just as there is between the AEsir and the Jotnar in Norse Mythology.

Link to Budhist terminology “ Trayastrimsa “ and Sakara Deva.


Japanese terminology for Indra is “Tai-shaku-ten”

Taishakuten is known in Sanskrit as Indra, Sakra, Sakradevanam Indra (Sakra-devanam Indra), or Shakra Devanam Indra. Positioned in Center. Buddhists in Tibet, China, and Japan have adopted Taishakuten as their guardian deity. In India, Indra was the ruler of the gods of the Veda. Not only was he the mightiest of gods, but also the god of storms, thunder, and war.

Link to Japani terminology

Phra Inn

Thai terminology for Indra is most important because Indra is called “Phra Inn” in Ayutthhya culture of Thailand . Look what says history of Autthaya about Phra inn (Indra).

Link to Thai terminology

Link for Burmese term Thagyamin

Thai term “Phra Inn ” is not clue to Phraoh ? Afterall now we know that Amaritian culture developed on African continents. Now we also know that. grezeen and Amratian culture prevailed in ancient Egypt. Grezen (Gahrwal ) transferred to Giza.

Now let go straight for Pharaoh facts.

“pr-aa” / Pharaoh / sakara / Indra

Link to Pharaoh facts

Tutankhamun / TutanKhaten, / “Tai-shaku-ten”

Now Go for facts of “Tutankhamun”-The pharaoh of Egypt . The term “Tutankhamun and Tutankhaten do not remind you of Japani term “Tai-shaku-ten” for Indra ? The term do not remind you of Tethy and Kanan ?

Ya , Tutenkh-, -amen, -amon or Tutankhamun was carrying history of Pharaoh.

Tutankhaten, whose name meant “the living image of Aten” (Indra ?)—and who later would become a pharaoh—to change his name to Tutankhamun, “the living image of Amun”.

As the cult of Amun grew in importance, Amun became identified with the chief deity who was worshipped in other areas during that period, the sun god Ra. This identification led to another merger of identities, with Amun becoming Amun-Ra.

Link to Tutankhamun -Pharaoh

Amun Ra

( Ra = Sun , Amun = Amarawati = Ra of Amarawati
In the Hymn to Amun –Ra he is described as “Lord of truth, father of the gods, maker of men, creator of all animals, Lord of things that are, creator of the staff of life.

Link to Amun Ra

Ramesside family line enters as Pharaoh

With the death of Tutankhamun and the two stillborn children buried with him, the Thutmosid family line came to an end. The Amarna letters indicate that Tutankhamun’s wife, recently widowed, wrote to the Hittite king Suppiluliuma, asking if she could marry one of his sons. The letters do not say how Tutankhamun died. In the message to the Hittite king, Ankhesenamun says that she was very afraid, but would not take one of her own people as husband. However, the son was killed before reaching his new wife. Shortly afterward Ay married Tutankhamun’s widow and became Pharaoh as a war between the two countries was fought, and Egypt was left defeated. The fate of Ankhesenamun is not known, but she disappears from record and Ay’s second wife Tey became Great Royal wife. After Ay’s death, Horemheb usurped the throne and instigated a campaign of Damntio Memoriae against him. Tutankhamun’s father Akhenaten, stepmother Nefertiti, his wife Ankhesenamun, half sisters and other family members were also included. Not even Tutankhamun was spared. His images and cartouches were also erased. Horemheb himself was left childless and willed the throne to Paramessu, who founded the Ramesside family Line of pharaohs.

This way Ramesside dynasty come to the throne of Pharaoh.

Link to Ramesside dynasty

Hyksos 15th dynasty

Sakir-Har / sakara (Indra ?)/ Harru

The issue of Sakir-Har’s name, one of the three earliest 15th Dynasty kings, also leans towards a West Semitic or Canaanite origin for the Hyksos rulers — if not the Hyksos peoples themselves. As Ryholt notes, the name Sakir-Har:

It is evidently a theophorous name compounded with hr, Canaanite harru, ‘mountain.’ This sacred or deified mountain is attested in at least two other names which are both West Semitic (Ya’qub-Har and Anar-Har) and so there is reason to suspect that the present name also may be West Semitic. The element skr seems to be identical with skr, ‘to hire, to reward’, which occurs in several Amorite names. Assuming that ?kr takes a nominal form as in the names sa-ki-ru-um and sa-ka-?u-um, the name should be transliterated as either Sakir-Har or Sakar-Har. The former two names presumably mean ‘the Reward’ Accordingly, the name here under consideration would mean ‘Reward of Har.

Link to Hykos dynasty

Haru – Folk Deity of Kumaon

Look we find Kumaon folk deity “Airy “ in Ireland .Now we find Kumaon second Falk Deity “ Haru ” in Egypt. Look at Falk Deities of Kumaon.

Harish Chandra was a famous king of Champawat, who after his death was worshipped as the folk god Haru. Haru’s mother’s name was Kainar and he is said to be Gwall’ s maternal uncle. The temples of Haru and Saim, the god of boundaries, are generally together.
Besides these, many other folk gods are worshipped in Kumaon e.g. Bhumia, Balchan, Nagnath, Bhandari Golla, Badhan, Narsingh, Lataul, Gabla, Chhurmal etc. Anyari and Ujyali are the popular goddesses. Garh Devis are to be found in cremation grounds and are worshipped on the night of Amavasya. Although Bafaul, Ramol, Sangram Karki are also mentioned as folk heroes, they are not treated like gods.

Link to Folk deity Haru

Tautha de Danann / TutanKhaten

Amorite tribes migrated to Europe and named Armorica . Armorica Includes Atlantis Bank of Ireland and North Europe. They named Atlantis too. History of Tara Hill says the history of Tautha De Danann. High King of Ireland.
Ancient history of Ireland named Gwyddel ,Kilmora ,Rudraprayag etc. My previous article on the subject will help you to connect Tutankhaten , Tautha De Danann and Trihi Garhwal. The Link will show you that they are the people who created Replica of Ancient TRihari Garh on Bank of river Bhagirathi.

Link to previous article

Link to Armorica in Europe

Now we also know that Sanskrit name of Indra is “sakara “ too.

You Look to the terminogy of Indra for second time. Indra is also called
“?akra, Sakradevanam Indra (?akra-dev?n?m Indra), or Shakra Devanam Indra.”

Now we find Sakir –Har dynasty in Egypt. “Ra “ is also named for Aditya.

Link to Sakir –har of Egypt

Link to More facts to Sakir –har of Egypt

Are these all not terminology of Indra , War God of Sanatan Hindus ? The Aromites also speaking Aromite language. Following Links will help you to understand facts.

Link to Aromite language in Egypt

Link to Amorites in Egypt

One more Link to Amorites in Egypt

Goddess Isani or Isis ?

The following link compel us to think in this directions.

Link to Goddess Isani

Remember that in Britain river “ Temes” (Darkness) suffixed with Isis “ Goddess of Pharaoh” and named Thames.

Link to Isani

We find different similar names for Indra like “Tai-shaku-ten”, sakara , “Phra Inn ”Aten – in Egypt .Pharaoh were called “Ra”. Then we also find river Thames , the Name suffixed with Goddess Isis.There is also Island of Pharaoh in river Thames. We find Armorica and Amorite tribes in Europe.

Link to Thames

Amorites in America ?

Atlantis / Aten / Indra

The following facts about Atlantis will help you to understand ancient facts . The name Atlantis have roots in Pharaoh’s name “Aten” that is Indra.

Let us begin with Atlantis.

Link one to Atlantis.
Look at the picture of Lost continents Atlantis.

Link –2 to Atlantis

Yes Plato used Atlantis in Allegory and talked about Lost continent. John Milton wrote Paradise Lost. Now we shall search out that from where the term Atlantis emerge?.

Ya ,Atlantis named after Pharaoh Aten.
Link to Aten

Link –2 to Aten

Link to Akhenaten who started worshiping Aten (Indra). He was believed “living spirit of Aten” (Indra ?)
Look Aten and The solar discis is in the centre of the mystery.

Link to Mystery

Yes Atlantis is named after Aten (Indra). Now we shall enter Amarawati – The Capital of Indra.

Inca civilizations

Inca civilization again clue to ancient Amorite tribes. Present studies also mentions that Vedic culture prevailed in Inca. “Amuru Muru” the ancient monument of inca civilization says the story of “God with Seven Rays “. The term “Inca” and The mystry behind the Amuru Muru again remind us of Amorite tribes that reached Israerl , Syria and Egypt in antiquity.

Link to Inca Empire

Link to Inca’s History

Link to More interesting facts about Inca civilizatrion

Vedic Culture of Inca

.Surprisingly Inca was carrying vedic culture. The following sites says that Inca was carrying Vedic culture.

Link -1 Vedic peru by chamanlal

Link -2 Vedic civilisaton of America

Link -3 saints says the story of Vedic culture

Link -4 culture of Inca

Link to the images of Inca culture

Link to the The Inca site will say you evrything… evrything about Holly valley.

Mystery site : Amuru Muru

There are so many mistry site that talk about mystery of Amuru Muru. Amuru Muru was place of God ,with seven rays. It also carry history of Golden disc.

Link -1 Mystery site

Link -2Mystery site that explain History of stone henge..Vedic Jambudvip. Awasthya know that Design . European O’vateis (of Druidic -Druv tradition) also know that design.

Link -3 Mystery site – Ameru tribe of Kenya.Now we know that ancient Tangan Malla tribe of Uttarkhand reached Kenya and named there Meru mountain. Tanzanina named behind Tangan tribe.

Link -4 Mystery site – Amaru Muro – Door to the land of Gods . Look Doors are closed.

Mistery site to ancient Aircraft

The Book – “The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom ” By Mark Amaru Pinkham also very useful site. Book mentions that even Sanat kumar visited Amaru Muro .

Link to the Book of Mistery.

Amaru Meru (Aramu Muru)

Amaru Meru (Aramu Muru) is Valley developed by Inca kings. Aramu –Muru God of seven rays .
Following Links will give you further factss

Link -1 to Aramu –Muru God of seven rays and legend of Golden solar disc

Link -2 to Aramu –Muru- God of seven rays .

complete Photo Gallary to Amaru Muru

As if they want to enter their Abode but world deny
It. They find hurdles.

Ya they are talking about Solar disc. They wish to enter their original disc , but we deny our Gods since centuries.

Still you dont believe that “Amaru Meru” was God of Amorite tribes? then read following link. The site clearly mentions that Amurru ,Martu are Gods of Amorite tribes in Mesepotamia. Amrit ,Amarawati , Holy grail (Amrit Ghat) ever remain centre of Amorite traditions.

Link to God of Amorite tribes

Awasthya ,Companian of Indra

Our ancient History talk about Awasthya . He was spiritual force of Devas . Indra send Awasthya to Ayodhya .That very much Awasthya who helped Manu to right Manusmruti is still with Indra ..! Awasthya is witness to History of Indra . Presence of Awasthya as a shadow of Indra is evidence of presence of Indra….. Manu ..and that way Launandan too.

Druid priest “O’vateis” stand for Awasthya . Yes Awasthya belong to Druid (Druv) traditrion ..the tradition of ancient India. The following link will say about Druid tradtion. That reached Europe. Druid tradition belong to pre chritian era.

Link -1 to Druiid tradition

Link -2 to Druiid tradition

O’vateis” (Awasthya)

O’vateis” of Druid tradition was priest of Gods. They are also called letter on Vates in European culture.

Link for term O’vateis”

Vat /Vatican

The name “Vatican” has often been thought to derive from the Latin “vates”, meaning “seer, soothsayer”,Indeed, the Vatican Hill was the home of the Vates long before pre-Christian Rome.

Link to Vatican Hill

Means tradtion of Awasthya who reached Ayodhya to help Manu to write Manu Smruti is still living tradtion. Awasthya was spiritual force of Hindu Gods . Vatican proves that Awasthya tradition still persist . Then Aten was Indra ? Atlantis named behind one of the name of Indra ? London stand for Lau nandan?

Awashya stil companian of Indra and carry history of Amarawati?
or vashisht ?

Link to etymology of vativan vat-is -is

Picture of Vatican city (Replica of stone henge – worship place of Vats )

Link to pictures of Goddess Yogini temple ..ancient Goddess of India.

Vatican city is replica of Yogini temple design?

Yes O’vateis was seer who gave sacrifices to Good. Now we come across same design and same rituals.
Yes Awasthya is still guiding Amarawati that is America.

To understand everything you have to go deep into Baijnath Cult..The temple created by Katyuri Kings. Ya Original Baijnath is there in Kumaon..A temple build by Katyuri kings.
Baijnath cult (Or British Cult?)

Link to Baijnath Cult or Vajranath (Indra) Cult?

Link to The story of temple build by English women

Link to Baijnath temple of Uttarakhand.Yes Original Baujnath -Vajranath temple Build by Katyuri kings in KUmaon.

Link to Yogini cult

Link for more facts

Link to the picture of Diagram of Yogini temple

Link to yogini temple at Bhedaghat

Link to the Pictures of Bhedaghat Yogini temple says everything ..evrything

Druv –Druidic tradtion

Druv has been given place as equal to Pole star in Sanatan religion . Sanatan religion revolve around Druv..As Saptarshi (Seven star constellation revolve around Pole star. We says Druv star to Pole star. We forget Druv and they carried Druid traditions…and still Druv in the centre of their religious tradition.
Druv and his Druidic tradtion still carry Indra and Vishnu with him.The tradtion still remember Amarawati.

Link to Pole star

Gods waiting to enter their realm

Again I am Providing you link to Amuru Muru and its legend
complete Photo Gallary

As if they want to enter their Abode but world deny
It. They find hurdles …

Again I am providing you link to Images of Amuru Muru ( The God of Seven Rays)

Link to Amuru Muru

Link -2 to Amaru Muru

Now we know that Baijnath stand for Vajranath.. “Ayudha” of Indra.

So now look at Following Links of Indra’s Golden Disc in Devbhumi

Amarawati / Almora / Olympics / Amuru Muru

Link -1 To Ranikhet -Almora

Link to Jageshwar temples
The following picture sight will clear your concept. It will remind you of RaniKhet Almora

Picture Link of AmuruMuru

Indra and Garuda

Still you don’t believe then read story about Eternal friendship of Indra and Garuda .

"Garud " or Eagle is eternal firend of Indra . Garud (Eagle) also helped Indra to Get Elixir (Amrut) back from snakes. Yes Amarawati was capital of Indra in Himalaya .America carry history of Amarawati. Amarawati helped 14th Manu to establish Ayodhya in the plain after great Flood. Ram happened to be in Ikshvaku solar Dynasty. But we forget his sons Lau and Kush . The tradition of Indra and Awasthya still taking care of Solar Dynasty of Ayodhy. London ( Lau nandan) syas the story of Eaternal friendship betwwen 14th Manu - Founder of Ayodhya and Indra.

The Link will tell you story of eternal friendship between Indra and Garuda. The sanatan Hindu mythological story says story about..How Eagle and Indra became frieands and How eagle helped Indra to Get “Amrut” (Elixir) back from snakes.
Link for Indra -Garuda (Eagle)friendship

We are living in this world reality. Indra , the God of Sanatan religion was ruler of world. He was Senapati to army of Gods according to Sanatan scriptures. Sacrifices given to Gods in Sanatan religion . We stop Giving Sacrifices and we forget our Gods one by one. WE entre the realm of sophistication . God of Garden of Eden (Indra) ordered Adam (Adami – Man – Purush according to H. P. BLAVATSKY) not to touch fruits of knowledge . But accidently We I touched it . My fall begins…. I Am Feeling Falling ..Do you ?

My Article on Druid tradition of Europe will explain everything. Awasthya still remain companian of Indra . Awasthya still know Vajranath – Baijnath Cult. His presence is witness to existence of Indra, Sanatan God of War.

Link to my previous Article on Druidic tradition

Again I am providing you link to the Book from where I began.

Link to the Book “The Secret Doctrine “by H. P. BLAVATSKY

Amrit – Amuru(Amar)-America

Yes, you read as much as possible about Amorite tribes..who developed Sumerian ,Mesopotamia as well as Babylon civilisatons. They also developed Egypt civilisations .The central words of Amorite tribes ares -Amrit and Amuru (Amar). Both the words lead you towards Amarawati.

The following link will help you to understand Amorite tribes who reached America and named America (Amarawati).

Link to Amorite tribe

One more link to Amorite tribes

About Chandrakant Marwadi

Researching ancint history.Have found that original name of London is Lav nanda. The fact shocked me. At end of research....that is thesis...anti theses and synthesis..I have following historical facts. Halahal / Holy I have found that We Sanatan dharmi people lost connection with Halahal tradition of Shiva. We turned Amrut seekers only. Rome and Greece has origin in Mahismiti ancient capital of Avantika. Mycenaean civilisation of Crete has origin in Mahishmati...Capital of Avantika . We have forgotten our savior Dharmapal or Gaurdians of Halahal. How can we recognise Paul and Paletine Hills of Rome ? To understand History of Trilokpati Ram and Shiva we have to go deeper in to History of Anhilwad (Gujarat) , Vallabhi - Oinwara ( Bihar) and England (Wales). All three kingdoms has origin in same root...same Skand. Go deep into the realm of Kritikas and Crete..Valli and Wales... Avantika and Aventicum and find eternal connection between Gaud / God......Halahal and Holy. Turk /Tarakasur Today's Indian history don't discuss much Turks....first invaded India. We could not spread our ancinet Scripture message...That Turks are Tarakasur. With this first folly... Then we could not recognise Lav nandan and Kartikeya too... Our real saviours. The jew lot in disguise started Azadi movement started quit india movement with Khilafat support of Turkish khilafat. Our this act broken heart of Kartyikeya and Lavnandan.
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