Highlights of the research that connects Lav nandan .. London..Leuven : Angad / Anegundi / Anglo are witness to history of Holders of Crown of Ayodhya …Helsinki and Halar /Halahal / Halaji / Holy : Lothal and Lithuania / Balond Badri ,Bolgios ,Balaji../ Vansthali and Venice city / Venktesh and Vatican / Seshanchlam ..Sanctum sedes and saxons.. Kireetam / Kartikeya /Crete / Chrsitian….vatican/vat-is-is /vashisht ?

(“Kaushiki Shalmali Madhyey Punyah Kashaya Parwatah Tasy Paschim Bhagam Kshetra Vishnyo Pratishthtam”

(The above hymn is clue to Vasudevrai , we are searching for.. and Who turned Viceroy )

(1) Sunworship tradtion of Bihar is clue to world history .Bihar is Shadow Kumaon culture. Bihar carry Baijnath valley (Katyuri Valley) culture of Kumaon.

Link to Katarmal sun temple

(2)Katuri King (Dynasty founded by Vasudevrai) Baichaldeo donated land of Almora to a Gujarati Brahmin by name Sri Chand Tiwari.

King Baichaldeo of the Katyuri dynasty, who reined in the region where present day Almora is located, donated major part of this land to a Gujarati Brahmin by name Sri Chand Tiwari. History of Tiwaris can connect us with Lav nandan. Lastly they accepted land of Almora from Katuri kings.

Almora -Capital of Katyuri Kings

"Kaushiki Shalmali Madhyey Punyah Kashaya Parwatah Tasy Paschim Bhagam Kshetra Vishnyo Pratishthtam"

In later times, during rule of Chand dynasty, Almora was founded around 1560 by Kalyanchand at this place which he called ‘Alam Nagar’. It was also called ‘Rajpur’.

The Link explains more facts..

(2) Two Adityas

We have found two Adityas during this research work…

(A)Burhaditya….Britain carry history of Burhaditya.
(B) Aryaman…Ireland carry history of Aditya Aryaman.

Ashwinikumaras/ Ashwini twins (Nastya) / Asir

Nastya / Netherland

We have found Ashwini (twins) (Nastya) in form of Norse Aesir. The following facts will say you everything.

Link to AshwiniKumar .

Second link to Ashwinikumar .In Ramayan we also find mention of Ashwinikumar.

Æsir / ansuz (plural *ansiwiz).

Look at following facts.The facts talk about Ashwini –Vanar war

Old Norse, ássir (plural æsir; feminine ásynja, plural ásynjur) is the term denoting a member of the principal pantheon in the indigenous European religion known as Norse paganisam. This pantheon includes Odin ,Frigg,Thor, Balder and Tyr. The second pantheon comprises the Vanir (Vanar). In Norse Mythology, the two pantheons wage the Aseir –Vanir War, which results in a unified pantheon.
The cognate term in Old English is As (plural Ase) denoting a deity in Anglo –saxons paganisam. The old high German is ans, plural ensî. The Gothic language had ans- (based only on JordanesJ who glossed anses with uncertain meaning, possibly ‘demi-god’ and presumably a Latinized form of actual plural *anseis). The reconstructed proto -Germanic form is *ansuz (plural *ansiwiz). The a-rune was named after the æsir.
Unlike the Old English word God (and Old Norse goð), the term as (áss) was never adopted into Christian use and survived only in a secularized meaning of “pole, beam, stave, hill” or “yoke”.
Link to Aesir Norse

(3) Katyuri / Catuvelluni / Katir – Lav nandan

Our learned Historian Badri Datt Pandey mentions that Vasudevrai who founded Katyuri dynasty at Almora belonged to Bargujar Lav vanshi clan and came from Ayodhya . Now we know that Katirs fought at gate way of India for 1000 years. Further we traced out ancient Catuvelluni tribe in Britain.

Link that mentions that Historian Badri Datt Pandey said in his famous book – History of Kumaon –that

“The Katyuri Kings were a medieval ruling clan of Uttarakhand believed to have descended from Bargujar ruler from Ayodhya. This links them with Suryavansha. However, many historians have placed them with the Kuninda rulers, also of Bargujar origins, who ruled over the Kumaon region between the 6th and 11th centuries CE.

Lav and Kush..twin sons of Shri Rama

We have found two Adityas..Burhaditya (Britain) and Aryaman (Ireland)..Now it is our duty to search Lav nandan that is London

Historians like Badri Dutt Pandey believe that the Katyurs came from Ayodhya and that the Bargujars are descendants of eldest son of Rama Lav.
They called their state Kurmanchal, the land of Kurma, the second Avatar of Vishnu, which gives the region its present name,Kumaon.

Link 1 to My previous article that explain more

Katirs -who faught at gate way of India

Remember that Katir trribe that fought at gate way of India for 1000 years..connects… Katyuri and Catuvellauni tribe that reached British land. What more evidence you want ? Lav nandan fought at gate way of India for 1000 years…Their bretheren reached from Britain..But we people of India never looked at them….It is Irony of Fate of Bharatvarsha. Believe me they are not at looser’s end..In fact we are at looser’s end. We have lost clue to Ram that we worship from centuires.

Link 2 to My previous article that explain more
The Catuvelluni tribe has roots in Belgic tribes…River Loire carry history of Belgic tribes….! During our research about Katirs of Hindukush we also find facts that one of the Katir mentions that…”wealthy and rich Katirs reach up to London….Only poor kafirs settled in Kafiristan. “Author of the book Robertson still consider this as politeness and modesty of Katir kafirs.

Link to Catuvellauni
Eagle was symbol of Catuvellauni look the link.

Bihar having Katihar district. Is it clear clue to Lav nandan ? The word Lav nandan is most confusing word… world over… !Lav nandan took form of London . While Labh (Lav) is In Katihar district and only 21 k.m. from Katihar . people of Bihar know that original name of Labh is “ Lav “. Look at name of Lav nandan and how name changed in India itself. Katyuris …Vasudevrai…(Viceroy) have put evidences everywhere .….But we can not connect those evidences..because we don’t want it……that is the problem…They also introduced themselves as Angrej…we could never think that they still remember ancient Ang mahaJanapad of Rompad,Friend of Dashratha.

Our memory can reach only up to Mahabharata….Ang remind us of Only Karna and Duryodhana….! Bharatvarsha was also there ….before and after Duryodhana and Karna.

Link to Labha (Lav)

Link to Katihar District

Ancient dynasties of Bihar

ANEGUNDI..angad…witness to crown of Ayodhya

Anegundi was city of ancient Kishkindha kingom. Then Hampi was developed in Karnataka.

Link to Anegundi of Karnataka.

Link to Angad..son of Vali and Tara..

Angevin Empire

The term Angevin Empire is a modern term describing the collection of states once ruled by the Angevin Plantagenet dynasty in Europe.

Link to Angevin empire…

They founded Kindom of England..named Canada (Kannada)..Anedes mountain and los Angles. what more evidence we need to Crown of Ayodhya ?
Angad ever remain to witness to crown of Ayodhya….Means Angad stand for Engkand ?Means we common people put full stop to Ram..and never remembered History of Crown of Ayodhya thereafter…But Angrej…Angad..still keep Lav nandan on his shoulers like Hanuman ?
We have to Look into the history of ancient Kingdom of Ang. Rompad..King of Ang was friend to Dashratha and He arranged for Yagn for Incarnation of Ram.

What Purana says about Ang?

If we read Purana then In Druva’s line there was king named Anga. Anga’s son Vena none of the good qualities of his father. Means Ang kingdom beloned to Druva line..Ardent Bhakt of VIshnu.Ramayana says that King of Ang helped Dashratha for Yagna…for Incarnation of Ram..! Means ? Rom Pudic will remind you of Rompad..friend of Dashratha…who arranged Yagn for incarnation of Ram.

Link to Purana that says story of Ang
But Anlgo who reached British Land give us clue of their Origin in Anegundi…town of ancient Kishkindha kingdom…..!

“Anjou” (Clear clue to Angad..or Anjali janpada)

Historical region, lower Loire valley, northwestern France. Organized in the Gallo-Roman period as the Civitas Andegavensis, it later became the countship, and from 1360 the duchy, of Anjou. Its capital was Angers.
(Note : In Europe Loire river carry history of Lav nandan)). Then prior to Mahabharata..Anegundi Janpad and Lavnandan had connetions ? Noted Histrorian Badri Datt pandey says that Vasudevrai who founded Katyuri Dynasty in Devbhumi…came from Ayodhya.they belonged to Lav clan)

Link to Anjou ( Anjali Janpad)

My previous article explain more

Still you can not understand ? One of my article connects European Thracian – Tharu tribe of Uttarakhand – Thailand (Sun land)..King of Thailand hold title “Rama”
In the same way – At the Atlantis cost we find Anjou and Angevin Empire…In India we find Ang..and In Combodia we find Angkorwat. Anjou and Angkorwat in opposite directions. France take deep interest in Angkorwat..French and Thai kings had ancient relations.

Link to Angkorwat.

Yes, we have to go into the deep mystery of Anagundi..angad..Anjaliputa and Angrej….!

One link mentions that once Ang kingdom had relation with Koshala. Ang naresh Romapada played instrumerntal role for incarnation of Shri Rama. How ? Then read the following link
Link to Birth of Rama

Indra was also present during rituals.

Link to Ang Kingdom

Link to Rompada

(Remember Brutus went to Rome (Romapada) for Shelter and then reached up to Britain .Brutus who carry history of Burhaditya..Deity of Katarmal sun temple.

Link to Rome

Link to heavenly Altar Santa maria

Original name of London was Lav nandan. Link to my previous article will show you facts and evidences.

The first chieftain who entered British land was Lav vanshi…Link to my previous article will show you facts.

(5) Scotland:clear conection with river Kaushiki (Koshi)

Interestingly, the mountain on which Almora is located is described in a famous Hindu epic – Manaskhand. It reads thus:
“Kaushiki Shalmali Madhyey Punyah Kashaya Parwatah Tasy Paschim Bhagam Kshetra Vishnyo Pratishthtam”

Means Olympians (History) carry history of Vasudevrai? Ya..It is clear now. Bals kand of Ramayan proves it. How ? Still you can not understand? They named first Region as – Balkan. They gave clue to their origin in Ramayana…Bal kanda…!


Oympians and Balkand of Ramayana

Olymians carry history of Almora…! Balkan peninsula is clue to Balkand of Ramayana. History of Balkan region says that Thracian , Illyrians and Dacians dwell there. WE find Tharu tribe in Uttarakhand…Thai tribe that reached East and carry history of Tharu tribe…! For your kind information Tharu tribe carry History of Lav nandan. Thar Desert of Bharatvarsha and Himalayan Tarai both carry history of Lav nandan.

Link to Balkans(remindwer to Bal kanda of Valmiki Ramayana)
History of Britain and Ireland says that Causi ( River Koshi because we find Gangani tribe in Britain too…In Ancient time No country existed . People remember River names…Mountain names for their Identity…All Olympinas were also named behind mountain names but never look at the names of maontains they are talking about…All are Himalayan mountains ) and Cativelluni tribe also reached there.

Link to Irish Causi tribe

Link to My previous article explain more

“Kaushiki Shalmali Madhyey Punyah Kashaya Parwatah Tasy Paschim Bhagam Kshetra Vishnyo Pratishthtam”

The above ancient hymn is clue to Vasudevrai….Viceroy…!

Stiill you can not understand? Dress pattern of Scotlan is clue to Indian ancient history. It is ancient mountain dress code of Himalaya. Even King of Bhutan still today wears Scotish pattern dress…It is ancient tradition..

One has to remember that Kuninda ruled prior to Katyuris in Uttarakhand…..Cunningham is synonymous of Kuninda.

Link to Cunningham will explain you everything. Ancient ….Yodheya and Kuninda Kingdom is clue to world histrory.
Kuninda /Cunningham
This name is from an area in Ayrshire which in turn got its name from “cuinneag” meaning “milk pail” along with the Saxon “ham” meaning “village”.
In the 12th century, the lands of Kilmaurs in Ayrshire were granted to a Norman named Warnebald. His descendants took the territorial name Cunningham and Harvey de Cunningham is reputed to have fought for Alexander III at the Battle of Largs against the Vikings in 1263.
The Cunninghams gave support to Robert the Bruce and received additional lands as a result. King james III created Sir William Cunningham as Lord Kilmaurs in 1462 and earl of Glencairn in 1488. But the first Earl was killed (along with his king) a few months later at the Battle of Sauchieburn when James was attempting to subdue some rebellious barons.

Link to Cunningham

Link to Cunninghame

Cunningham clan in Scotland

One more link will explain you the meaning of Iweru (Ireland)
Kuninda originates near Ganga
The history of the Kuninda kingdom is documented from around the 2nd century BCE. They are mentioned in Indian epics and Puranas. The Mahabharata relates they were defeated by Arjuna.
One of the first kings of the Kuninda was Amoghbhuti, who ruled in the mountainous valley of the Yamuna and Sutlej rivers (in today’s Uttarakhand and southern Himachal in northern India).
The Greek historian Ptolemy linked the origin of the Kuninda to the country where the rivers Ganges ,Yamuna and Sutlej originate.
One of the Edicts of Ashoka on a pillar is also present at Kalsi, in the region of Garhwal, indicating the spread of Buddhism to the region from the 4th century BCE.
The Kuninda kingdom disappeared around the 3rd century, and from the 4th century, it seems the region shifted to Shaivite beliefs. According to Hari Krishna Mitto author of numerous books on Himachal, the Kantes are descendents of Kunindas

Link to Kuninsda Kingdom.

Now you know that Katarmal sun temple had ancient tradtion of Washing temple utensils with Kilmora flowers. Cuningham lives in Kilmore province .
The people who originated where the river Ganges ,Yamuna and Sutlej originated living far in west..Today we dont want to Look at Katarmal sun temple and its Deity Burhaditya. But It has taken the form of Britain and Caterbury.

Link to Cunningham clan history

Link to Cunedda rulers

Link to Family tree of Cunedagius belong to Brutus

My request to Bihar and Kumaon…

If Bihar and Kumaon go for joint research of its ancient history,then it will be helpful to Search out Lavnandan. Because..

In Ancient time Rajgrih was capital of Bihar…..( Almora was also called ‘Rajpur’). Means Katyuri Kings who ruled Kumaon once ruled Ang mahajanpad too. )

Bihar should check its history and..their relation with Burhadiyta (Katarmal sun temple). Bihar carry names like Ang , Katihar…..Araria ..That is clue to Katyuri kings of Kumaon . These are vital evidences to search out Lav nandan……! Aftre all Bihar is worshiper of Adityas..! Will Bihar do something for Adityas that we found during this research …Burhaditya..Aryaman ?

Please hurry up..before somebody from us destroy more ancient evidences that connects…London and Lav nandan….! Lav nandan quit india as per our wish. But we have to remember that Lav nandan is only clue between us and Ram .Only Lav nandan can revive satyuga in Bharatvarsha…Only Lav nandan is vital clue to Ram.
Search Lav nandan and save Ganga..Bharatvarsha…!
Otherwise Ganga will not forgive us…!

Link to my previous article...Ram Teri Ganga Maili Ho Gai……!

Some more links for your help

Katyuri in Folklore of Uttarakhand

Link that mentions Historical link between Catuvellauni and Londinium (Lav nandan)

Book link talk about relationship between Catuvellauni and Londinium (Lav nandan)

Book link mentions Catuvellauni tribe as defender of London ( Lav nandan)

Link to Angani in Italy

Link to Aventine Hill that remind us of Avanti

Still not believe ? then listen….

Boland Badri/ Bolgois

When we read about Uttarakhand..we come to know that Karothi and Brahmini were their language. In Britain they remember ancient Brythonic and Cruthin language (p-100). In Uttarakhanda King was called Balond Badri (pa-102 ),ancient rituals were performed at village Mana too. “Encyclopaedia of the ?aivism ” by By Swami Parmeshwaranand mentions all these facts.

Link to the Book Encyclopaedia of the ?aivism.

Boland Badri were called Chalta Badri (MOving Badri). Now read about Bolgois who took leadership of invasion to Macedonia and Greece..letter on reached British land as Belgic tribe.

Link to Gallia Belgica (Garhwal Boland Badri)

Link to Bolgois- war hero of Macedonia war (Who never turned back because we all become Baudh)



It is high time to go deeper into the emblem of Karnatak state..Gandaberunda..Gandagerunda is clue to Balond.

Link to my prevous article on Gandaberunda will explain you much..In fact I don’t know south indian language…If sombody explains meaning of “Tautha da Danna” who reached British land..the things can be easier to understand.

You will ask me, that who were TITANS ?
Surprising Titans were the Kannad rulers of south India. How ?
Read following links…..no explanations needed…they were believed God in India itself.

Link to TULU PEOPLE of South India

Link to Krishna Dev rai. He belonged to TULUVA dynasty.

Link to TULUVA DYNASTY of south India

Link to Tulunadu of Karnataka

Link to the term Shivalli that lead you towards Slavic

Link to The slav people

Still you can not understand ? Then read following two links…The links says story of inner lamentation of Satyajit Rai..that we never understand..and they understand.

Link to Panethnicities world community

Link to Pather Panchali of Satyajit Rai

Link says that Tulu are worshipers of Mariamma or Mari Guddi

Link to Malgudi days

Link to Mother Mary (Mother of Jesus)

Still you don’t believe?
Then go for lasting truth that will change your all the believes. Yes Angrej(Angdeshi) played instrumental ritual role in Birth of Shri Ram. Angdesh and Angrej are synonymous words. Rompada was King of Ang and Friend to Dashratha .Some historian mentions name Rompada and some mentions Lompada.
Angika  language was used in Angdesh  and  Ogham  was  language  of  Angevine Empire  of  Ireland...Dear  they  Angdeshi  who  played major  Role in  Incarnation  of  Ram..They  live and Die with Lav nandan..while  we forget  Rompad  and his Angdesh

Angika / ogham

Angdesh was carrying Angika language and Culture. Surprisingly Ireland and Angevin Empire was carrying Ogham language and Culture. One has to go deeper into the term Angika and Ogham.

Angika Language is considered as the oldest language of the Bengali family. This language is considered as very close to the language of Maithili. It also has resemblance to the Indo Aryan languages like Bengali ,Assamese and Oriya.

The name Angika first appeared in the 1961 census. Angika is highly intelligible with other Bihari languages. Verbs in Angika are similar to those of Bengali. For instance “dangaybey” in Angika is same as “daangabay” in Bengali; “kanay chhai” in Angika is same as “kaanchey” in Bengali and so on. Angika , Maithili , Assamese , Bengali and Oriya are considered sister languages. Angika is written in the Devanagari script. Several alternate names have been used for the language and they are: Aangi, Angikar, Chheka-Chhiki, Chhai-chhow, Bhagalpuri, Chekari.

The dialects of Angika are: Deshi, Dakhnaha, Mungeria, Devgharia, Gidhhoria, Surjapuri, Khortha and Dharampuria.

Link to Angika..Angmadhuri also used

The earliest inscriptions in ogham date to about the 4th century AD, but James Carney believes its invention is rather within the 1st century BC. Although the use of “classical” ogham in stone inscriptions seems to have flowered in the 5th–6th centuries around the Irish Sea, from the phonological evidence it is clear that the alphabet predates the 5th century. A period of writing on wood or other perishable material prior to the preserved monumental inscriptions needs to be assumed, sufficient for the loss of the phonemes represented by Uath (“H”) and Straif (“Z”), as well as the velar nasal, Getal, all of which are clearly part of the system, but unattested in inscriptions.

Link to Ogham langusage

Humbly I request scholars to study both the language. At last Angika was language of Druva vanshi.we shoud study it to Know world history of Druvvanshi…In Ireland they were called Druid…Druv Vanshis. Belong to Kingdom of Angdesh..the land of Druvvanshi.
Now read the following facts…

Champapuri / Campidoglio / The Capitoline Hill / Kamrup / Kamakhya

Champapuri was the capital of the king Lomapada(Or Rompada) of Anga as per epic Ramayan. As per epic Mahabharat ,Karna is mentioned as ruling the Anga kingdom from Champapuri (12:5). Apart from Champa Karna also ruled a city called Malini gifeted to him by Jarasangha of Magadh Kingdom..

Link to Champapuri

Campidoglio / The Capitoline Hill

The Capitoline Hill between the Rorum and the Campus Martius, is one of the Seven Hills of Rome. It was the Citadel (equivalent of the ancient Greek Acripolis) of the earliest Romans. By the 16th century, Capitolinus had become Capitolino in Italian, with the alternative Campidoglio stemming from Capitolium. The English word Capital derives from Capitoline. The Capitoline contains few ancient ground-level ruins, as they are almost entirely covered up by Medieval and Renaissance Palaces (now housing the Capitoline Museum) that surround a Piazza, a significant urban plan designed by Michelangelo.

Link to Campidoglio / The Capitoline Hill


Malinipuri or Malini was a city gifted to Karna (Anga King) (12:5) by Jarasandha of Magadha Kingdom:- Hearing of the fame of Karna the ruler of the Magadhas, king Jarasandha, challenged him. While engaged with him in mortal combat with bare arms, Karna was about to sever the two portions of his antagonist’s body that had been united together by Jara. The king (of Magadha) cast off all desire of hostility. From friendship he then gave unto Karna the town Malini.

Link to Malini


Milan (Italian: Milano (Lombard: Milan German: Mailand; Latin: Mediolanum) is the second largest city in Italy and the capital of Lombardy (Lompadi- Rompad). The city proper has a population of about 1.35 million, while its urban area is fifth largest in the Eu and the largest in Italy with an estimated population of about 5.2 million.

Venicecity/Vansthali/ Vanthali

Do we rememebr or Know relationship between Ram and Vansthali ? then How can we understand relationship between Ram and Venicecity? ya, root words for Venice are..Venezia ,Venexia, Venotia,Veneziano.Now Venicecity don’t remind you of Vansthali? I reaquest you to study Histry of Amarawati and Yeotmal as well as Wani of Maharashtra. You can conecct History of Yeotmal..Italy..York..New York….America and Amarawati. Wani and Venice.pl. study yourself everything.

Link to Venicecity (That is Vansthali)

Link to Yeotmal of Maharashtra.

Link to Wani of Maharashtra

History repeats

The foundation of Milan is credited to two Celtic peoples, the Bituriges ( Who carry History of Burhaditya and reached Beritain?) and the Aedui ( Now don’t doubt anything ..Aedui stand for Awadhi…who settled of Bank of river Loire (Low –Lav), having as their emblems a ram and a boar; therefore “The city’s symbol is a wool-bearing boar, an animal of double form, here with sharp bristles, there with sleek wool.” Alciato credits Ambrose for his account.
Link to Milan
Yes we are searching Ram without looking at Lav nandan… Lav -Kush were first to recite Ramayan in the strret of Ayodhya… They were witness to the submergens of mother Sitaji in Earth and Jalsamadhi of shri Ram in river saryu alnogwith brother Bharat and followers to go back to Maha Vishnu swarup. We also forget Sons of Bharat. We forget Lahore founded by Lav, Pushkalavati (Peshawar) founed by one of the son of Bharat. Taxshila founded by Tax..another son of Bharat. We could not recognize Raw Bharat (Robert Clive)..who worshiped Mata Kali after libertating Ayodhya.
Kali temple they build in the British Fort… Navratri Durga Puja is tradition – Robet clive put this tradition in public spehre. Robet Clive was present at first Public Durga puja in Colcata.

Clive in first public durga puja

Robert clive after liberating Ayodhya...remained present in first public Durga Puja in Colcata.He wanted to thank people of Bengal for their co operation.

We can not look at the facts that..

Robert clive liberated Ayodhya..! Only after liberating Ayodhya “their” victory march started In thier Bhratvarsha…! yes..it is thier Bharat varsha..we are encraochers…We encroach their ancestral land with Hollow shouting only.. We struggled for thier going back…But nobody..nobody from us faught for Gate way of India..Nobody knows ..No Body wants to Know about gate way of India…! We did not dare to fight for Gate way of India..And the forces who never faught for Gate way of India ( Long period of 1000 years) betrayed India..! Their weapon is Shouting slogans….! “Juth Bolo Jorse Bolo”..become our culture now a days…!

History of Ramayana repeats

Read Ramayan….It is historical document. And that History says that..No “Manav” or “Mahamanav “helped Ram..Only Vanar (Monkey),Garuda (Eagle) and another races helped Ram. In Case of Lav nandan..we have repeated Ramayana..! No Manav helped Lav nandan..Only other races are helping Lav nandan. We people of India are using Ram..only for our own selfish ends..!





Garud vedi

Link to symbol of Holy Roman empire

Garud vedi
Above link mentions that.. alter was carrying shape of Divine Garud..wings and tails outstrached ,head turned downwards and eye looking eastward…called “Suparna”.

The kings attended the rituals at Ayodhya…
– KIng of Ang -Rompada or chitra rath (For similarity between names Chitrarath and Caesar ..please read link to Julius Caesar (name and family section)
– king of Magadha -Praptijna
– Indra
– King of Sauviira and Saurashtra
( This kingdom will open all the suspense from History. In fact when we listen to the word Saurashtra…our imagination reached only up to present little Saurashtra of Gujarat state. But remember that suarashtra was mentioned in Ramayana. And that ancient Saurashtra is clue to real history. I shall unfold suspense of that ancient Saurashtra of Ramayana period.And mystery will open.)

Link to present Saurashtra or soratha

Link to Halar region that remember Halarai that turned to Heracle and Hercules when the word reached in Greece (Gerry champawat of Kumaon)

That ancient surashtra (Sarmatia) will tell us story of the word Halarai that turned to Hercules….That Saurashtra will tell the story of word Zalarai that turned to Zeus. That Saurashtra will story of the word GoluDevta that turned to God. That ancient Saurashtra his hidden in history still. And that Saurashtra connect LOndon and Lav nandan. I Shall open mistery in end of this article.

Now dont doubt origin of Sauvira Saurashtra origin in India. The folowing link about ILa( daughter of Manu who founded Ayodhya) will explain you everthing. Ya Ila was Daughter of Manu who founded Ayodhya. Her sucssessors were called Sau vira.

Dear Saurashtra Sau vira kingdom was carrying Histrory of Anarta Kingdom..Anarta Kingdom founded by Sharyati..Son of Manu and Brother of Ikshvaku. Means Ganga was not at That time. Indian civilisation was on Bank of River Sarswati and Drashtavati. I firmly says that That Anarta Kingdom streaching from Kushthali and Kaithal to Anatolia. Anatolia was carrying Histry of Anarta kingdom itself.

Now I have a Book link (The Decline of The west)that support my theory…The Book mentions that Atlantis was area that streatches between India and Red Sea. That is Lost continent. Kushsthali ,Capital of Anarta was beneath the Ocean. Catholicity remembers that Kushthali and Kaithal.

Ilavanshi / Ailas / Pauravas

The Ailas were a dynasty of kings of ancient India. Pauravas, the son of Ila was the founder of this dynasty. The Mahabharata (Sabha Parva:14) mentioned about the Ailas as, “The numerous royal lines and other ordinary Kshatriyas all represent themselves to be the descendants of Aila and Ikshvaku. The descendants of Aila, as indeed, the kings of Ikshwaku’s race, are each divided into a hundred separate dynasties.” Aila is a synonym of Pururavas meaning son of Ila.

Link to Ailas or Ilavanshi

Now understand Saurashtra sauvira ? Dashratha invited that king of Saurashtra Sauvira to remain present in Yagna for incarnation of Ram.
Pururavas was the first king of the Aila dynasty or the Somavamsha. According to the Vedas, he is a mythological entity associated with the Surya (the sun) and Usha (the dawn), and is believed to resided in the middle region of the cosmos. The Rig Veda (X.95.18) states that he was a son of Ila and was a pious king. However, the Mahabharata states that Ila was both his mother and his father. According to the Vishnu Purana, his father was Budha, and he was ancestor of the tribe of Pururavas, from whom descended the Kauravas and Pandavas.

Link to Pururavas and try to check history of Prussia ..Ailas and Alans history meat here.

we find kingdoms in Europe..

– Ang = Rom and thereafter Angevin Kingdom
Indra = Kingdom of saxons that is Hastinga (Saxons = Saksyane = Indra)
Lav nandan = Kingdom of London..that is Kingdom of Lav nandan.
Sauviira = House of Savoy (Link to House of Savoy)
Link to swabians will tell you migration story of “Sauviira ” who attended rituals for Incarnation of shri Ram at Ayodhya.
– Magdha= still they remember ancient Kingdom of Magadha…Link to Magdeburg…Lav nandan Charle Magne = Chure Magdalya mountain range of Himalaya named Magdeburg. Link to Magdeburg in Germany.

Rishyasringa / Ekshring / Risorgimento (Italy)

European political ,philosophical and Literary movements only revolve atround Yagn by Dashratha and Kings took part in that Yagn..How ? then read following links

Now we know that sage Rishyasringa was Key to Yagn…and he played Key role for incarnation of Shri Ram….our ancient Shingeri Muth tells the same story. Balkanda of Valmiki Ramayana narrate his role Now read about him. Balkanda of valmiki Ramayanaya mentions HIm. He was chief priest of Yagna for incarnation of Rama. Ramayana also mentions his wife and daughter of Rompada Shantaa.

“Evan sanyavasat tatra sarva kaamaih supuujitah
Risashrungo matatejaa shantaaya saha bhaaryaya”
10-33 (Valmiki Ramayana)

”Rishyasringa meaning ‘deer-horned’Pali: Isisiaga; Thai: Kalaikot; Tamil: Kalaikottu-muni)or Ekashringa was a boy born with the horns of a deer.In Hindu-Buddhist mythology, who became a seer and was seduced by a King’s daughter, which had various results according to the variations in the story.
The story can be found in both the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. According to the Ramayana, Ekashringa was the chief priest when the king Dashratha performed a Yagya to beget progeny, and as the consequence of the said yagya were born Rama ,Bharata, and the twins Lakshman and Shatrughna.”
Link to Rishyasringa

Link to Shrungeri Muth that keep ancient history of Rishyasringa.Shringery
carry his name.

One more link for facts

Now Look how Rom or Rompada (King of Ang) remember our sage Rishyasringa in presentday Italy. What precious Rishyasringa is for Italy.

Italian unification philosophical and Literary process was called Risorgimento..

Everything thought around “Rishya shringa” who performed Yagna for Incarnation of shri Ram…Their entire thinking forms around the Yajn for Incarnation of Ram..Our Shri Ram..Not only Ram is remembered there but Sage who performed Rituals for incarnation of Ramji is also remembered well…Still their thoughts take shape according to Satyuga..!
Link to Italian unificatin facts

Link -2 for more facts

Rompada entered Rom

Balkanda of Valmiki Ramayana mentions Rompada…King of Angdesh and friend of King Dashratha. Balkanda of Valmiki Ramayana documented friendship between two and how Rompada helped Dashratha to arrange yagna for incarnation of shri Ram.

“Putrastuh Angsya raajnah tu Romapaada iti shrutah
Tam sa raja Dashratho gamisyati mahaayashaah ”
1-11-4(Valmiki Ramayana)

Link that explains how Lompada / Rompada ( Tribes of Ang kingdom of Bihar) tribes enerted Italy…..of course time line is after Ramayan …and they still remember Yagn done by Dashratha for Incarnation of Shri Ram..Our Ram..

Link for fact of Rompada-Lompad- Lombard tribes.The facts also mentions ”Rishyasringa /Risorgimento

You will ask me counter question. You will ask me that “Angrej” belong to Britain while I am producing facts about Italy…! No the same people created Angevin Kingdom on bank of Atlantis..and Angevin kingdom has direct link with Britain. How?
Then Read following link..Angrej (Angdeshi) who played major role for Incarnation of Shri Ram..also talk about same Risorgimento….! Risorgimento connects them all. “Rishyasringa ” who played key role for Incarnatin of Our shri Ram is connecting force of Europe…So believe me Robertian who ruled France for long 900 years belong to Raw Bharat..younger brother of Shri Ram..Bharat also borned due to Yajn and rituals performed by “Rishyasringa ” .WE people of India forget “Rishyasringa ” but How they can forget him?

Now read following link that conects..Angrej and Rompad (Rom)

Breton / Brabant Bargujar

Now we know connection between Catuvelluni and Katyuri…The Katir who faught at gate way of India for 1000 years….We people of India Betrayed them all. Now look at second Group.Bargujar Kashtriya History of India says that they belong to Lav vanshi….We dont know anything abut them…Dont want to know anything about our Bargujar..Lav vanshi of India…then how can we recognise Breton tribe of Great Britain? Believe me Breton belong to Bargujar..Direct descendent of Lav nandan.

Link to Bargujar clan of India.
Link to Breton tribe –Direct descendent of Lav nandan

Ancestors of Brighantes tribe developed Midland and London..They named Thames ( River Tamas..On bank of river Tamas Lav -Kush borned)..They named river Soar (Saryu)..They depicted Geography of Bahraich (Awadh) in Midland (Madhyadesh).They are carriers of traditions of Goddess Brittania (Bharatmata)..What more can they do. At the time of crisis they reached Awadh and Liberated Ayodhya from grip of Siraj ud Daula…They Liberated Bharatvarsha..Tried to bring back ancient Glory of Bharatvarsha with their own Blood sheding..What more they Can do.

Link to Brighantes tribe of Britain

We people of India Said “Quit India ” to Lav nandan…Valanda of Devashch East India company belong to Vanar race..who were helping Lav nandan…We also said them Quit India…We people of India betrayed Our Gods…! Today we are not in position to repent ..even..!

Low has roots in Lawishch

History of Low countries will say you history of Lawishch…Louis…Leuven..or Lav nandan.

The Book link will tell you history of Low countries

Link to Leuven will say you history of Bargujar..Brabant..Lawishch..Louis..Lav nandan

Valmiki Ramayana mentions Sanatkumar…Sanat kumar says and narrates everythin in Ramayana.
Now read following links.It says that some Theosophist believe Sanatkumar as founder of great white Brotherhood. Do Above facts not support their believes? After encountering above facts I am bound to support these theosophical believes.

Sanat Kumara is regarded as the great guru, saviour of Earth. Believers in him see him in all the major religions, as skanda / Kartikkeya in Hinduism, Brahma –sanam Kumar in Budhhism, the ancient of days in Jodeo -Chritian traditions, and identify him as Ahura Mazada in Zoroastrianism. It is also considered that Sanat Kumara is Al Khadir (green man) known to Sufi Muslims (according to Dakshinamurti).

During the research we find Kartikey Valley in Kumaon and Scandinavia (scand) in Europe.

link toSanatkumar

second Link to Sanatkumara

Link to Shambhala ,where Sanatkumar reside

Look how they remeber and love Shambhal

Link to Kalki Avatar and Sambhala……

Ancient Saurashtra of Ramayan period : Sarmatians

Yes ,Sarmatians implieas Saurashtra. you read full facts about Sarmatians. I am providing you links.

Sarmatae is in origin probably just one of several tribal names of the Sarmatians that came to be applied to the entire group as an exonym in Greco – Roman ethnography. Strabo in the 1st century names as the main tribes of the Sarmatians the lazyges, the Roxolani, the Aorsi and the Siraces.
The Greek name Sarmatai sometimes appears as “Sauromatai”, apparently through a foolk etymology associating them with lizards (sauros). Suggestions for this association include the Sarmatian’s use of reptile-like scale armour and dragon standards.
Both Pliny the Elder (Natural History Book IV) and Jordones were aware that the Sar- and Sauro- elements were interchangeable variants, referring to the same people.
Greek authors of the 4th century (Pseudo scylax ,Eudoxus of Cnidus) mention Syrmatae as the name of a people living at the Don, perhaps reflecting the ethnonym as it was pronounced in the final phase of Sarmatian culture. The Avesta mentions Sairima as a region “in the west”. In the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi, this appears as “Salm”, the reputed ancestor of the European peoples.

Link to Sarmatians (Ancient Saurashtra of Ramayana period
I have given facts about ancient saurashtra. Now understand? how word travell. Saurashtra of India remembers Halarai. Halarai is in their folklores.

“Halaji Tara hath vakhanu ke pachhi tara pagla vakhanu”

Root word of Saurashtra is Sarmatia

Root word of Sarmatia was Saurashtra. So Halarai - Halaji turned to Hercules when the word reached in opposite direction.Look Greece is very near to ancint Saurashtra. Now understand why Greece icarrying history of Gairi Champawat area of Kumaon....now understand why Kumaon history reached worldwide. KUmaon carry history of Lav nandan that reached London

But nobody ,virtually nobody remeber who ” Halaji” was. When quetioned they simply reply that Halarai was great warrior. They dont know father of Zalarai that turn Zeus in greek mythology and nobody except Uttarakhand know about Golu Devata…son of Halarai. That Golu Devata like ringing of Bells..Europe worship that great warrior Goludevata…He is their God….Gish.

SEcond list to Sarmatians in europe

Third link to Sarmatian in europe

Link to present 100 Rashtra of Sovira mentioned in Ramayana (Saurashtra) in south India.

Link to Presnt day Halar (Of Gujarat) that word turned to Heracle or Hercules when the word turned opposite diretion.Kumanon History syas that Goludevta was son of Halrai…that turned God..Great warrior of Katyuri clan of Gerry champawat ( that turned Greece) ..Katyuri…..dynasty of Lav nandan in Kumaon.
Now look at history of Sauvira saurashtra ( 110 Rashtra) tribes in Europe.!

he Suebi or Suevi (from Proto -Germanic *sw?baz, either based on the Proto Germanic root *sw?- meaning “one’s own” people, from an Indo Eurpean root *swe-, the third person reflexive pronoun, or borrowed from a Celtic word for “vagabond” were a group of Germanic peoples who were first mentioned by Julius Caesar in connection with Ariovistu’ss’ campaign, c. 58 BC;
Some Suebi remained a periodic threat against the Romans on the Rhine, until, toward the end of the empire, the Alamanni, including elements of Suebi,brushed aside Roman defenses and occupied Alsace, and from there Bavaria and Switzerland. A pocket remained in Swabia (an area in southwest Germany whose modern name derives from the ancient name), whereas migrants to Gallaecia (modern Galicia, in Spain, and Northern Portugul) established a Kingdom there which lasted for 170 years until its integration into the Visigoths Kingdom

Link to Suebi tribes


We can not Imagine the reality that ancient Sauvira Saurashtra extended from present know Saurashtra to Greece and Crete. 100 Rashtra is clue word mentioned in Ramayana.Now It is not matter of imagination but reality. History of Crete and Greece come to our help. Greece was using Kathiyawari language. Not believing that read. Now read about Language of Greece and Kathiayawar.

Katharevousa : That carry traditin of Kathiyawar and Krishna

Katharevousa is a conservative form of the Modern Greek language conceived in the early 19th century as a compromise between Ancient Greek and Dimotiki and of the time. Originally, it was widely used both for literary and official purposes, though seldom in daily language. In the 20th century, it was increasingly adopted just for official and formal purposes, until Dimotiki became the official language of Greece in 1976 and Andreas Papandreou abolished the Polytonic system of writing in 1981.
Part of its purpose was to mediate the struggle between the “archaists” favouring full reversion to archaic forms, and the “modernists”. The name “Katharevousa” implies a pure form of Greek as it might hypothetically have evolved from ancient Greek without external influences.

Link to Katharevousa

Kathiawar or Kathiawad is a peninsula in western India, which is part of the Saurashtra region on the Arabian Sea coast of Gujarata state. It is bounded on the north by the great wetland of the Ranna of Kutch, on the northwest by the Gulf of Kutch, on the west and south by the Arabian Sea, and on the southeast and east by the Gulf of Khambhant jigat point is located at its western and Diu Head at its southern apex.
Kathiawar, also (Kattywar), the peninsula gets its name from the prominence of the Kathi and Ahir community which was widespread in the region and dominated central Saurashtra in particular for some centuries. And this is how it influenced the Saurashtra as Kathiawar, whereas history of Saurashtra together is pretty old. Although the Kathis are supposed to have migrated to the area in the 16th century, they have played an important part in the documented history of the region. The peninsula of Saurashtra dotted by antiquity and consistent historical turnover since prehistoric times to early periods of Mahbharata through Indus civilization, remained influenced by Kathi people particularly between 16th century AD to very much till mid 20th century and therefore the emergent name of Kathiawar became a favorite alternative to the region of Saurashtra.

Link to Kathiyawar in Gujarata

Halari culture / Helenic culture / Culture of Hari Kul Ish…WHILE…Balkan / Balnakd of Valmiki Ramayana.CLANS OF MOST ANCIENT INDIA GO AHEAD PARRALEL THERE,

Catuveluni tribe reached London. Katyuris AND Hari cul Ish ….founded Chritian religion in Europe when they lost their history and heritage in India….! We people of India became Baudh.and forget Ram….We remained Baudh for 1000 years. That was struggling time of Lav nandan and Hari Kush Ish …to his pul their traditions and ancient historey and heritage..! They are there with crown of Throns on Chaturvuyha…Chaturvyuha for eight direction decided and Implimented from River Sarswati ! Lav nandan remind of Chaturvyuha…! We forget Sarswati river how can we remember Chatur Vyuha..!We forget Godatraya of Sarswati riber how can we remember God.

Still dont believe? Than check the tribe list of Saurashtra and ancient Sarmatia. You will find similar tribes…really..pl check.

My Humble request to Surashtra and Kathiyawar
HUmbly I request noted universities and historical research centres to Go deep in to history of ancient Saurashtra ( Sarmatia) Kathiyavad (Scydhiya) and Halar to go deep in to the histry. Remember Sauvira were sons of Ila..daughre of Manu who founded Ayodhya. It was very natural that Dashratha invited King of Saurashtra Sauvira to attend the Yagna..for incarnation of Ram. My reasearch found Viekut in finland….Sons of our lord Krishna are there in Poland and Lutrhiania. Still remember their history but nobody from us ready to recognize them. WE heading towards religious tragedy..! Now it is high time. If don’t trust me then research yourself. Ram means Lav nandan (London) is also taking care of Krishna vanshis in Europe. If we not ready to recognise them all then we shall loose connection with Ancient HIstory. The real history and not mythologies only. If you are believer of Ram or believer of Krishna then search properly without any sort of prejudices. I promise you that Amorite tribes belong to Amarawati..our ancient Amarawati .They are part of Our pride and tradions. In fact they developed Bharatiya traditions and culture..True defender of India….”Akshohini sainya ” of real Bharat varsha want to breath on their ancestral land that we encroached and occupied.

Helsinki = Halar

Still not believe than I am providing you names of cities of Finland..read here names…Pori = Porbandar ( town of firend of Shri Krishna Sudama), Virrat (One of the ally of Pandava), Haapajairi = Hapa of Halar, Jamasankoski (Jamnagar) ,Anjalankoski =Anjar , Lahti =Lathi . You will also find Sat Kunta Maa Kunta province in finland. The city names Kanus and Kauhava remind you of anything. I know there is a place named Veikut too .The tribes who faught Mahabharat wars are their allies in Europe..The tribes are called Slavic (Sauvira saurashtra)

Link to city names of Finland

Link to my previous article -1 about Finland

Link to my previous Article -2 about North Europe

Link to My previous article -3 about North India

History of ancient Bharatvarsha open herewith. It says the story of our rudness towards our own religion. It quetion our religious habits and our religious memories.
Amorite tribes
We dont know anything about Indra and His Amorite tribes. What religious and historical culture we are carrying..I can not understand. I know only that we become hollow and our weapon is Shouting only.

Link to Munsiyar of uttarakhand

Link to Musunuri Nayaka of warangal

link to Munster of Ireland

Link to Monsieur will expalain you everything… Musunari Nayaka will lead you to the Kama tribe..who faught at gate way of India for 1000 years.

Luthiania / Lothal
Now it is very clear that Luthiania is clue to Lothal. Harrapa culutre civilization remain we find in Gujarat. It says the history of Migration. Again here proves that natural disaster that dried Sarswati river and ruined Sarswati river civilization, the disaster that submerged original Dwarka in deep ocean and changed the position of Arawali mountain was the cause of great migration. Secondly we totally forget our Sarswati river civilizatoin , we also forget “Chatur vyuha” (Four dimentional strategies for eight direction in leadership of Vasudevrai. We also forget all Vasudev rai…Now we are empty. Empty haned….we become totally hollow and shouting only hollow slogans.
strong>Ram Na Mile Hanuman ke Bina

We find Vanar tribes in Europe.We find Jabvant in Form of Jomsviking = Viking and Vanar in form of “Vandals” tribe. Both have roots in Vanir Norse..clear clue to Vanar.

Link to the article will say you evrything….!

Do you want to be wounded by Ramban ? Than read this link..it will explain you everything..everything…!
Link to Ramban

Imp Imp ….Link to my previous article about Lav and Kush vanshi in Anatolia. It tells history of Luwian kingdom in Anatolia.
Vatican / Venktesh
Now we find similarity between Venktesh and Vatican traditions, Tirumvirate tradition and Tirupati tradition. Surprisingly Venkteswara temple is on Seshanchalam seven hills ,while Vatican stands on Sanctum Sedes. Both has same design.

Link to seshanchlam mountain of Venktesh

Link to Holy see..Sacnta sedes

Link to Tirumvirate of Rome

Link to Tirupati terminology.

Kireetam / /Kartikeya /Crete / crown / Chritian

Link to Kireetam tradition of Tirumala.

Link to Crete..foundation of Europe.

Link to Chritians traditions.

Link to my article that say about Kireetam / Crete / Chritians /Crown in detail.

Link to my another article will explain you how Seshanchalam (Venktesh)….Santa sedes ( Vatican)….Sachsen -Anhalt (Germany) and saxons who reached British land connected….House of Sahyadri of India and House of Savoy of Italy..connects both.

Link to my another article that connects Seshanchalam and saxons
There was Ram.
Seshanchalam/ sancta sedes / saxons

At the request of Anglo..saxons reached British land…and named Britain. They belong to Belgic (tribe of holders of Kireetam of Balaji) tribe. and they named Lav nandan there. They are clue to holders of crown of Ayodhya..!

Link to my article that conects Crete / Kathiyawad / Katyuri
as well as HalaRai / Halaji / Halahal / Holy….Avanti and Aventicum








Kuninda/Yaudheya/ Katyuris

Surprisingly Yaudheya / Kuninda /katyuris all were worshippers of Lord Kartikeya.

Book link to “History Of The Later Harappans And Silpakara Movement (2 Vols.)” By Viyogi, Naval & M Anawar Ansari…
page – 341 – 42 mentions the facts that…Kunindas/Yaudheyas/ Katyuris all were worshippers of lord Kartikey.

Book link to “Uttarakhand: Past, Present, and Future” By J. C. Aggarwal, S. P. Agrawal mentions that they ruled from Joshimath…earlier name was Kartikeypuram.(page 280)

Link to Yaudheya…Yaudheya.

link to Joshimath.…Joshimatha.

About Chandrakant Marwadi

Researching ancint history.Have found that original name of London is Lav nanda. The fact shocked me. At end of research....that is thesis...anti theses and synthesis..I have following historical facts. Halahal / Holy I have found that We Sanatan dharmi people lost connection with Halahal tradition of Shiva. We turned Amrut seekers only. Rome and Greece has origin in Mahismiti ancient capital of Avantika. Mycenaean civilisation of Crete has origin in Mahishmati...Capital of Avantika . We have forgotten our savior Dharmapal or Gaurdians of Halahal. How can we recognise Paul and Paletine Hills of Rome ? To understand History of Trilokpati Ram and Shiva we have to go deeper in to History of Anhilwad (Gujarat) , Vallabhi - Oinwara ( Bihar) and England (Wales). All three kingdoms has origin in same root...same Skand. Go deep into the realm of Kritikas and Crete..Valli and Wales... Avantika and Aventicum and find eternal connection between Gaud / God......Halahal and Holy. Turk /Tarakasur Today's Indian history don't discuss much Turks....first invaded India. We could not spread our ancinet Scripture message...That Turks are Tarakasur. With this first folly... Then we could not recognise Lav nandan and Kartikeya too... Our real saviours. The jew lot in disguise started Azadi movement started quit india movement with Khilafat movement..in support of Turkish khilafat. Our this act broken heart of Kartyikeya and Lavnandan.
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