We forget our Aditya / Ashtdikpalas ? We forget Chatur vyuha ? We forget Lav nandan ?

In Vedic period it was Adityas who ruled the skies and kept a watch over the world from one end to another .Adiyta know all the deeds because they had eyes and spies everywhere. The Adityas borned out of Aditi,the mother of all Gods.

Link to Adityas

In Rugvedic hymns we do not find any reference of Dikpalas. But as individual Gods each of them enjoyed a supreme status and commanded his own following and veneration.

Link to Adityas

In the Rigveda, the Adityas are the seven celestial deities, sons of Aditi, headed by Varuna, followed by Mitra:


Link to Varuna

(2) Mitra ,

Link to Mitra

(3)Aryaman ,

I want to analyse our one of the seven celestial deities –Aryaman.. here…with my research work.

First let us know Aryaman.

Link to Aryaman

It is clear now that Kumaon folk deity Airy , Irish falk deity “ Eriu” and our ancient Aditya “Aryaman” has clear connection. Ireland is named behind Aryaman – one of the our seven Celestial deities.

Kumaon folk Deity – Airy

Airy, whose eyes are said to be on the top of his head, is worshipped like the God Shani. His attendants, “Sau” and “Bhau” ride on dogs. Airy is said to take care of animals and it is in this form that he is worshipped. There are numerous temples of Airy in Kumaon but the main temple is at Byandhura.

Link to Kumaon folk deity Airy

Look how Kumaon folk diety “Airy” connects with Irish folk deity Eriu.

Irish Deity Eriu

The personification of Ireland and goddess of sovereignty. She is presumably also known as Flaith Érenn, the woman of the cup in the story Baile in Scail.
She and her two sisters–Fotla and Banba–were the goddesses of the island, and thus each was a poetic name for the island, with “Ériu” the official name. Even today, the Gaelige name of the island is Éire. Ériu and her sisters were also sisters to the three war goddesses collectively known as The Morrigan : Badb ,Macha and Anann..
Curiously, though identified as children of Adam, the sisters are according to the Lebor Gabála “older than Noe… on a peak of a mountain was [Banba] in the Flood.” The only two other people which are said to be this old and to have survived the flood are Tuan mac Carill and Fintan mac Bóchra.
The Lebor Gabála also tells of a meeting between each of the sisters and Amergin, bard of the Milesians. His meeting with Ériu takes place at Uisnech, the “center” of Ireland. From each he is inquired as to the invasion’s purpose. Each sister gives consent, with the demand that the island be named for her. Each is promised this, but as Ériu seems to make the most effort to support the invasion, she is the one for whom the island is named. Also, when Donn insults her, it is implied that Ériu caused his death by magic.
Her husband was MacGréine, one of the three grandsons of The Dagda. His name means “son of the sun,” and the Lebor Gabála claims that the sun was his god–or possibly that he was originally a solar deity. That the land would be married to the sun is not implausible, at least from a mythological standpoint, but it would be unusual.
There are two possible etymologies. The first gives descent from Old Irish *?wer-i? to the Proto-Celtic *f-weryon- “earth, soil”, and through that to Proto-Indo-European *pei?- “fat”, here used in the sense of “plentiful”.
The second etymology derives Ériu from the proto-Celtic *aryo– “free man”, from the PIE *h2eryo- “noble” or possibly “member [of the tribe]”. From this is derived the words Aryan and its offshoots, such as Iran. However, this is less likely than the first etymology, as Ériu is shown in earlier documents to Iweriu (or some variation on that name), which does not easily derive from *aryo-. Moreover, the Old Irish word descended from *aryo- was aire, “free man”.
Link for complete facts of Irish Folk Deity

Araria –clue to Aryaman

Now believe me Ireland is land of Aditya “Aryaman “ that Bihar still worship at time of Chhat Puja…Puja of Adityas…sun. Araria is clue to Aryaman – our ancient Aditya.


"Adityahridayam" is clue to ancient Adityas.. please go dip into will find clue of Aryaman in Ireland. That connects Angdesh and Angrej...!

Link to My previous article that connects Ireland and Araria of Angdesh of Bihar. That says that Angrej stand for Angdeshi .Haru is Falk deity of Kumaon. Harishchandra was Champawat King.

Second Link to my previous article that says stories of departure of Adityas from Devbhumi Uttarakhand.

Link to Aditya Hridyam – Hymn for Chhat Puja

Kunninda / Cunningham

Prior to Katyuris Uttarakhand was ruled by Kunindas….Some believe they have connection with King Kedar.. Our Vrindavan is named after daughter of King Kedar. Now we find Cunningham clan in Scotland. The clan is clue to our ancient Kingdom of Kuninda. Clan symbol of Horse remind us of Horse Saddle like shape of mountain of Almora.
Link to Cunnungham clan


Link to Bhaga

(5)Ansa or Amsa ,

Link to Ansa ..Anshuman

I don”t want comment anything .Links to river Amstel and Amsterdam will explain you evrything…Virtually evrything.

Link to river Amstel

Link to Amsterdam city

(6)Dhatr or Daksa

Link to Daksa


Indra is the twin brother of Agni and hence said to be born of Dyaus Pitar (Father Heaven) and Prithvi Mata (Mother Earth). He is also mentioned as an Aditya, a son of Aditi. His home is situated on Mount Meru. ( Yes Sitaji as well as Indra borned by Prithvi Mata)

Link to Indra

Link will explain that “Uchaishravas ” was devine horse of Indra .

Link to Uithoorn river

Now we know about our Adityas. We have to confess that we have totally forgetten them. Still we continue to worship them during many festivals. Chhat Puja of Bihar is best example of Aditya Puja. Now we know that Indra is most ancient Aditya..remembered world over with different name form. Indra has developed America out of Amarawati..and still we are not ready to Look Him.

My previous article on the subject will tell you facts….I clearly want to say that Saxons tribes ( Saksyane = One of the name of Indra ) ,Shah rulers of Kabul , Uttarakhand and Dhar has connection with Indra….Sakjsyane…saxons..Again I want to mention that Viceroy Warren Hasting was clue to Saxons.

Link to My previous article

Second link to my previous article that link Holy grail and Amrut Ghat.

Link to My Third previous Article that connects Amarawati with America

Second link to Aditya

Ashtdikpalas – clue to Gods in eight directions

The concept of “Ashtdikpalas” is post vedic development. Ashtdikpal are eight in numbers. As they collective name suggests ,they rule the Eight quarters or the eight directions of the universe. Asht meant Eight ,Dik means quarters or directions and Palas means Rulers. According to Hinduism each quarters is assigned to a particular divinity,who presided over it and act as its chief guardian spirit ensuring orlerliness. Symbolically the eight rulers of directions are represeneted as eight elephants standing in eight directions.
In post vedic period fundamental changes took place in the vedic religion. Many Gods lost their ranks while some completely disappeared. The vedic Gods lost their significance during this period and reemerged as Dikpalas.

Link to Ashtdikpala

This difference between Aditya and Dikpalas are clue between Vasudevrai and Viceroy.

The Link will help you to differentiate both.

In Hinduism, Ashtadikpalas, or Ashta Dik Palas, are the eight deities that guard the eight quarters of the world. They are popularly known as Dikpalas – the protectors of the quarters – or Lokpalas – the protectors the world. They are also mentioned as the guardian deities of the sky. The Ashta Dikpalas are mentioned in the following order:

(1) East – Indira on Airavata – the white elephant. Sometimes Indira is depicted as sitting on a horse named Ucchaisravas.

Means our Aditya Indra continue to be our Ashtdikpala. And today we forget him totally. Godatraya of Sarswati river civcilization forgotten in India itself .Means we forget our Ashtdikpala and they remained Dutibound to protect us ? We don’t want to even recognise them?

Link to My previous article will tell you further story of our first Dikpal…Indra..Who went out in one direction to protect Our ancient land. The link will say story of Vitrahara..Indra.

The second link to my previous article will explain you that Ingvaones tribes are tribes of Indra.

Remember Indra was our Aditya and one of the Ashtdikpal too. Indra has place in both the ancient traditions

(2) South East – Agni on Mesha (the male goat)

According to Hindu legend, Daksha is said to be the son of Brahma,. Brahma after generating the 10 Manas Putras, generated Daksha, Dharama, Kamadev and Agni from right thumb, chest, heart and eye-brows respectively.So Agni took place of Daksha.

European History says that Fire worshipers were there in Luthania.
Link to Agni

(3)South – Yama on Mahisha (the male buffalo)

Look Yama was our one of the Ashtdikpala. We also forget him? Yama was Brother to Our Manu..who founded Ayodhya. We forget him too ?

Link to Yama

Now Look, you will find Yama – one of the Ashtdikpala in form of Goths and Irminones in Europe.

Link to my previous article. About Irminones.

(4)South West – Nirurti on Ashwa (horse).

Link to one of the Ashtdikpala Nirrti

(6)West – Varuna on Makara (the crocodile).

Link to Varuna Devata

(7) North West – Vayu on Mruga (the spotted deer).

Link to Vayu Devata

(8)North – Kubera on Nara (Man)

Link to Kubera Devata

(9)North East – Isana on Vrishbha (bull )

Link to Isama Devata

Again Link to Ashtdikpala

Vishnu / Vasudevrai /Chatur vyuha

“The Lord Vidhnu has four forms:
(1). Ksirodakasayi Visnu,
(2.) Garbhodakasayi Visnu, and
(3)Karanodakasayi Visnu. His fourth form is
(4) Lord Vasudeva.
That is why Lord Vasudeva is called ‘turiya’ (the fourth).”
“Observing that Lord Ksirodakasayi Visnu’s crown had been stolen by the demons, Garuda attacked the thieves, killed them, and recovered the Lord’s crown. As all this was happening, Lord Ksirodakasayi Visnu descended to the earth where Lord Krsna was performing His pastimes, and entered Lord Krsna’s body. In this way Lord Ksirodakasayi Visnu appeared during Lord Krsna’s incarnation. Garuda, trying the return the crown, was unable to find his master in the spiritual world. He finally found Ksirodakasayi Visnu manifested within the form of Lord Krsna (who was then enjoying pastimes on the peak of Gomanta Mountain). Garuda then returned his master’s crown.” (Hari-vamsa, Visnu-parva, chapter 41)
Brahmavaivarta Purana 4.67.55-58 (all three mentioned, along with their Laksmis, as mahat-virat/Mahavisnu, ksudra-virat/Garbhodakasayi Visnu and the one who resides in the pore of ksudra-virat/Ksirodakasayi Visnu, 57):
Krsna is the original Personality of Godhead. His expansion is Balarama, who expands the original catur vyuha or quadruple expansions.

1) Vasudeva 2) Sankarsana 3) Pradyumna 4) Aniruddha

These original catur vyuha expansions reside in Mathura and Dvaraka. From them twenty four forms of Visnu expand. They are named differently according to the arrangement of the conch, disc, lotus and club in Their hands. All of these twenty four forms reside in each Vaikuntha planet with the predominating Deity of that planet. From the original catur vyuha the second catur vyuha expands. In this second catur vyuha the form of Sankarsana is also called Maha Sankarsana. It is from Maha Sankarsana that Maha Visnu becomes manifested.

Original Personality of Godhead
First expansion
Vasudeva, Sankarsana, Pradyumna, Aniruddha
Vasudeva, Sankarsana,¿ Pradyumna, Aniruddha
(each expand into three and³then another two expansions)
(Maha Sankarsana)


1) MAHA VISNU lies on the Causal Ocean which appears in one corner of the spiritual world. He manifests the mahat tattva (or the sum total of material energy). It is into this mahat tattva that He exhales all of the seedlike universes through the pores of His skin. These seedlike universes then expand as the different material elements form coverings around them. Each of the coverings is ten times thicker than the previous covering and form a shell-like covering. When Maha Visnu impregnates the living entities by His glance into the material nature it begins to manifest its various energies.


2) When the universes have thus developed in the womb of material nature, Maha Visnu expands as GARBHODAKASAYI VISNU, Who enters into each universe with the living entities of that particular universe and thus activates each universe by His presence. He lies down on Ananta Sesa who lies on the Garbha ocean, which is the perspiration from the Lord’s body and half fills the universe. From His navel comes a lotus bud which is the total form of the living entities’ fruitive activity. The lotus grows dissipating the darkness of the universe. On top of the lotus Brahma, the first living being appears. Situated on the lotus, Brahma could not understand anything. He began entering the stem and climbed down to find its origin. Not finding anything, Brahma again returned to the top of the lotus where he heard the word ta-pa (austerity). Hearing the sound Brahma underwent penance for one thousand celestial years; (6x30x12x1000 earthly years). Being very pleased with Brahma’s tapasya, the Lord manifested the Vaikuntha planets to him. Seeing Vaikuntha, Brahma became very happy and bowed to the Lord. Being very pleased with Brahma the Lord shakes his hand and reveals how to create the universe.

Link to my previous artricle about Gandaberunda and its connection with Symbol of Holy Romishch Reich will explain everything.


3) To maintain the universe Garbhodakasayi Visnu expands as KSIRODAKASAYI VISNU, Who is the all-pervading Supersoul (Paramatma). By His entering into every atom He maintains the whole universe. His abode is Svetadvipa, an island in the ocean of milk.

Krsna’s energies can also be divided into three: His energy of thinking feeling and acting. When He exhibits His thinking energy, He is the Supreme Lord; when He exhibits His feeling energy, He is Lord Vasudeva; when He exhibits His acting energy, He is Sankarsana Balarama. Without His thinking, feeling and acting, there would be no possibility of creation. Although there is no creation in the spiritual world – for there the planets are beginningless – there is creation in the material world. In either case, however, both the spiritual and material worlds are manifestations of the energy of acting, in which Krsna acts in the form of Sankarsana and Balarama.

Link for more facts to KSIRODAKASAYI VISNU (Link mentions that Sveta Dwip – abode of KSIRODAKASAYI VISNU.

Link to Gundestrup Culdron will explain you

planet near the polestar – called Ksirodakasayi planet (Scandanavia ?)

trtiya-purusa visnu-‘guna-avatara’
dui avatara-bhitara ganana tanhara
virat vyasti-jivera tenho antaryami
ksirodakasayi tenho-palana-karta, svami

So Garbhodakasayi Visnu; then next Visnu, the third incarnation, is Ksirodakasayi Visnu. Within this universe there is a planet near the polestar which is called Ksirodakasayi planet, and there Lord Visnu in His incarnation of antaryami, Supersoul… He is acting as the Supersoul. And He is the universal form. When you think of universal form of the Lord, that is the manifestation of this Ksirodakasayi Visnu. And that Ksirodakasayi Visnu as Paramatma, Supersoul, is situated in everyone’s heart, even within the atom also.

Link for complete facts

One site mentions that ..

“Ksirodakasayi Vishnu is the source of the incarnations like Matsya, Kurma, etc. All these incarnations are different forms of the same Vishnu principle and are ornamented with sixty transcendental characteristics. The saktyavesaavataras are jiva-tattva; in them the potency of the Lord has descended. They are Lord’s separated expansions or vibhinnamsa and are exemplified as Parasurama, Buddha, Prithu, and so on”.
Link to Complete facts
Then all these formed with Cernunnons ? ancient Horned God of Celtic culture? Cernunnons clue to Ksirodakasavi Vishnu? Link says thatCernunnons has also connection with Sidhu -Sarswati river civilisation.

Link to Cernunnons

Lila-avataras (pastime avataras)—Clue to Vasudevrai and Viceroy

During Brahma’s one day there are twenty-five Lila-avataras also known as Kalpa avataras because they appear in every Kalpa. Out of these, the incarnation of Hamsa and Mohini are not permanent, but Kapila, Dattatreya, Rsabha, Dhanvantari and Vyasa are five eternal forms, and they are more celebrated. The incarnations of the tortoise Kurma, the fish Matsya, Nara-narayana, Varaha, Hayasirsa, Prsnigarbha, and Balarama are considered to be vaibhava-avataras.

1) Catursana – The four Kumaras, sons of Lord Brahma

They appeared in the beginning of creation and are specifically empowered to distribute transcendental knowledge. They are empowered with the Lord’s jnana-sakti and therefore they are also known as saktyavesa-avataras.

2) Narada Muni – The son of Lord Brahma

He is empowered with the Lord’s bhakti-sakti and therefore he is also saktyavesa-avatara.

3) Varahadeva – Sukara or the Boar incarnation

The Boar incarnation appeared in two different millenniums. During the period of Svayambhuva Manu, the earthly planet remained submerged in the water of devastation, so the Lord appeared as a white boar and lifted the earth and set it properly. During the period of Caksusa Manu Lord Boar was red and He killed the demon Hiranyaksa.

4) Matsya – The Fish incarnation

He appeared to show special mercy to Satyavrata Muni. After the period of Caksusa Manu when there was a partial inundation, he also protected Satyavrata Muni (who later became Vaivasvata Manu) by keeping him safe on a boat.

5) Yajna – The son of Prajapati Ruci and Akuti

During the period of Svayambhuva Manu there was no qualified Indra. So the Lord appeared as Yajna and took that position.
6) Nara Narayana – The twin sons of King Dharma and Murti
They are partial expansions of Krsna and Arjuna. Nara and Narayana Rsis exhibited the Lord’s renunciation.

6) Kapiladeva – The son of Kardama Muni and Devahuti

He explained the original (personal) Sankhya philosophy. Kapiladeva exhibited the Lord’s transcendental knowledge.

8) Dattatreya – The son of Atri Muni and Anasuya
He is a combined incarnation of Lord Visnu, Brahma and Siva. He spoke on the subject of transcendence to Alarka, Prahlada, Yadu, etc.

9) Hayasirsa – Lord Hayagriva

At the end of the millennium ignorance personified took the form of a demon, stole the Vedas and took them to the planet Rasatala. At that time the Lord, at the request of Brahma, retrieved them after assuming the form of a horse.

10) Hamsa – The Swan incarnation

Due to bewilderment, Brahma, could not answer some questions put forward by his sons. At that time the Lord appeared as a swan and answered the questions.

Link to Hansetic league that explains the things

Link to Lufthansa ( Lupthansa)

One of the falk deity of Kumaon is Ham. Link explains it .

11) Prsnigarbha – The incarnation who appeared before Dhruva

He created the planet known as Dhruvaloka for the habitation of Dhruva Maharaja.

12) Rsabha – The son of King Nabhi and Merudevi

His oldest son was Bharata Maharaja of which the earth was named after as Bharat-varsa. He instructed his sons to follow the path of perfection by tapasya (asceticism).

13) Prthu – The incarnation of the Lord’s ruling force
Due to the demonic nature of King Vena, the sages killed him by a curse. They prayed for the Lord to appear and churned the two arms of the dead body according to a specific method and the Lord appeared as Prthu.

14) Nrsimhadeva – The half-man half-lion incarnation

He appeared to protect Prahlada by killing his demoniac father Hiranyakasipu.

15) Kurma – The Tortoise incarnation

He appeared to become the resting place of the Mandara Hill, used as a churning rod by the demons and demigods to produce nectar.

During this research work we have clue to that Lila Avatar. That tribe history connects Viceroy with Vasudevrai.

Link to my previous article about Cymru / Cimbri / KUmaon / Kurumba will explain you everything. We find Cimbri tribes in Africa , Anatolia ,in Germany and in Cumbria and wales.

16) Dhanvantari – The father of Ayurveda

He appeared from the ocean of milk with the pot of nectar.

17) Mohini – The Lord’s form of a beautiful woman

The Lord tricked the demons by appearing in the form of a beautiful woman and asked the demons for the nectar and distributed it to the demigods.

My present research shows that Renaissanse was reminder to MOhini and Vitrahara. Holy Grail tradtion is clue our Amrut Ghat tradtion. Indra =Godatraya tribes still remember Mohini

Link to My prevous aerticle also connect Mohini and Monalisa.

18) Vamanadeva – The dwarf incarnation, son of Kasyapa Muni and Aditi

Assuming the form of a dwarf brahmacari the Lord visited the fire sacrifice of Bali Maharaja. He begged three steps of land and with those steps He took the whole universe. He is the son of Kasyapa and Aditi.

19) Parasurama – Bhrgupati, the son of Jamadagni Muni and Renuka

He annihilated the ksatriyas twenty-one times because of their rebellion against the brahmanas.

The link to my previous article will help you to understand facts.

second link to my previous article for more facts.

20) Raghavendra – Lord Ramacandra, son of King Dasaratha and Kausalya

He came to perform pleasing work for the demigods, protect His devotees and kill Ravana and his followers. The Lord assumed the form of a human being and exhibited superhuman powers by controlling the Indian Ocean.

Link to my My previous article on Lav nandan and House of Lauven will help you to understand facts. The Kingdom Reghade in Britain was clue to Raghunandan.

Lav nandan or London is clue to Viceroy….Vasudevrai..!

21) Vyasadeva – The son of Parasara Muni and Satyavati

He divided the one Veda into several branches and sub-branches, seeing that the people in general were becoming less intelligent.

22) Lord Balarama – The first plenary expansion of the Lord

He acts as Lord Krsna’s older brother in Their pastimes in Vrndavana.

23) Lord Krsna – The original form of the Lord

Both Balarama and Krsna appeared in the family of Vrsni (Yadu dynasty) and in doing so removed the burden of the world.

24) Buddha – The son of Anjana

He appeared in the province of Gaya in the beginning of Kali-yuga to delude those who are inimical to the faithful. He also appeared to stop animal slaughter in the name of Vedic sacrifices by preaching non-violence and by not accepting Vedic authorities. There is also another Buddha incarnation mentioned in another Kali-yuga when Lord appeared to bewilder the demons who were destroying the inhabitants of other planets by flying unseen in space ships made by the demon Maya.

Link for facts.

Chatur vyuha from Sarswati civilization in Leadership of Vasudevrai

The following link talk about Sarswati river civilization. In 1500 BC Sarswati river Dried up dute natural disaster. Civilization talk about The Chatur vyuha in leadership of Vasudeevrai. the chatur-vyuha (Four Expansions) headed by Lord Vasudeva are manifest in the eight directions, beginning with the east. That Chatur vyuha connects Viceroy and Vasudevrai. How ? Look at following facts.

In the Rigveda, Saraswati is a river as well as its personification as a goddess. In the post-Vedic age, she began to lose her status as a river goddess and became increasingly associated with literature, arts, music, etc. In Hinduism, Saraswati represents intelligence, consciousness, cosmic knowledge, creativity, education, enlightenment, music, the arts, eloquence and power. Hindus worship her not only for “academic knowledge”, but for “divine knowledge” essential to achieve moksha.


Aditya and Ashtdikpala know Vishnu and His "Chatur Vyuha"..Their symbols are reminder to Chatur Vyuha..Eagle ..Knower of Three Vedas ..Clue to Vasudevrai..Viceroy

In some Puranas (like Skand Purana), she is the sister of Shiva (Shivaanujaa).
The original (spiritual) forms of Devas including Saraswati are present in the spiritual world:
In the center reside the deities of fire ,sun and moon.,Kurma-avatara, Ananta Sesha, and Garuda, the master of the three Vedas. The Vedic hymns and all sacred mantras also stay in that holy place, which is made of all the Vedas and which is known in the Smriti-sastra (Scriptures of Remembrance) as the yoga-pitha (Sanctuary of Union). (Padma Purana Uttara-khanda 256.23)
Accompanied by Lakshmi and other associates, the chatur-vyuha (Four Expansions) headed by Lord Vasudeva are manifest in the eight directions, beginning with the east. In the directions beginning with the southeast, the palaces of Lakshmi, Saraswati, Rati, and Kanti, respectively, are situated.
According to Vedanta, she is considered to be the feminine energy and knowledge aspect (Shakti) of Brahma, as one of many aspects of Adi Shakti.

Link for complete facts.

The link to my previous article will explain Kurma ,Garuda tribes and Vasudevrai.

Second link to my previous article that explains Sarswati river civilization connection with Vasudevrai.

Indefth detail of Chatur Vyuha

The chatur vyuha is compared to a pillar (visaka yupa) having four nodes (parva) bearing four resplendent lights, each light at a different height and each facing a different direction. The brightest of the four lights, at the top, glowing like a gem is Vyuha-Vasudeva the pure effulgence; it is all brightness. The other three lights, at the lower level, shining not-so-brightly, represent Sankarshana, Pradyumna and Aniruddha. The light at the second level glowing red like a ruby is Sankarshana; the next one below that burning yellow like gold is Pradyumna; and the light at the lowest level dark like a rain bearing cloud is Aniruddha.

Link for facts.

One site mentions that..

Nava-vyuha represents the collection of nine forms of Vishnu: Vasudeva, Samkarshana, Pradyumna, Aniruddha, Narayana, Hayagriva, Vishnu, Nrsimha and Varaha. The first four forms are well known as ‘chatur-vyuha’. The twelve major forms of Vishnu are derived from these nine forms, according to the Tantra siddhanta, a division of Pancharatra.
Link fro facts.


Book Link.

Link that explains Maha Vishnu / Garbhodakasayi / Kshirodakasani.

Deva Matri –Merry – Mother of Indra and Aditya

She is also mentioned as mother of Adityas,mother of Indra too. Do we address our mother with Her name? How worshipers of Aditya can address their mother? They call Her Matri..Matre..! Celtic tradtion talk about Matre worship tradition.

Link to Aditi.

Link to Symbolic view of Chatur Vyuha.

The perfact clue to Ashtdikpala : Pala

History of Pala and Pallva is clear Clue to Ashtdikpala. We have found replicas where once Pala and Pallav ruled. Look how they are clue Ashtdikpala.

Link to Pala rulers of Kamrupa (Hindu Rulers)

Link to Pala rulers of Bengal.

Link to My previous article that says story of Pala rulers in Anatolia.

Link to Pallav dynasty

The site says that Pallava had roots in Satvahana . Means Satvahana belong to Aditya –Saksyane and Pallava belong to Ashtdikpala ?

Second link to Pallava.

Jayapala –Last defender of Kabul

Last defender of Kabul shahi Janjua Maharajadhiraj Jayapal
The initial Hindu Shahi dynasty was the House of Kallar, but in AD 964 the rule was assumed from Bhima upon his death by the Janjua emperor Maharajadiraja Jayapala, son of Rai Asatapala Janjua . Epithets from the Bari Kot inscriptions record his full title as “Parambhattaraka Maharajadhiraja Paramesvara Sri Jayapala deva” the first Emperor of the Janjua Shahi phase. He is celebrated as a hero for his struggles in defending his kingdom from the Turkic rulers of Ghazni
Emperor Jayapala was challenged by the armies of Sultan Sabuktigin in Battle of Peshawar (1001) and later by his son Sultan Mahmud of Ghazani. According to the Minháj ad-D?n in his chronicle Tabaqát-i Násiri,[ he bears a testament to the political and powerful stature of Maharaja Jayapala Shah, “Jayapála, who is the greatest of all the ráis (kings) of Hind…” Misra wrote on Jaypala: “(He) was perhaps the last Indian ruler to show such spirit of aggression, so sadly lacking in later Rajput kings

Link to Kabulshahi explain you everything.
Kabul Shahi

The Shahi , Sahi, also called Shahiya dynasties ruled one of the Middle Kingdoms of India which included portions of the Kabulistan and the old province of Gandhara (now in northern Pakistan), from the decline of the Kushan Empire in the 3rd century to the early 9th century.] The kingdom was known as “Kabul Shahi” (Kabul-sh?h?n or Ratbél-sh?h?n in Persian between 565 and 879 CE when they had Kapisa and Kabul as their capitals, and later as Hindu Shahi.

Sahiya –Saksyane – Saxons

Sahiya has roots in Sanskrit word Saksyane – one of the name of Indra

Now read about Saxons who reached British land. The Ingvoenic(Indra Vanshi) tribe has roots in the word Saxons . Warren Hasting belong to Saxon Group. Then Warren Hasting has roots in our one of The Aditya and Ashtdikpala…Indra ?

Link to Saxons will explain you everything.

The Link will explain you that Saxons were called “Sahson” (Shahi) sons too. Means Saxons belong to old Aditya group of Indra and Pala belong to second group of Ashtdikpala ?
We forget Saksyane (Indra) how can we recognize Saxons ? Kingdom of London (Lav nandan) invited Saxons in Britain.

Link to Saxons.

Yes Pala , Shahi and Saxons know real Vasudevrai of our ancient tradtion.They never misguided us but we never listened to Them.

In the Leadership of Bythinia our ancestors faught against Macedonia..and Rome. Means Our Adityas who reached Europe soil and Ashtdigpala Get together at the very Border of Macedonia and Attacked it. Meanwhile we suddenly became Baudh. The roots of Chatur Vyuha and Ashtdikpala dismented from their ancestral motherland. Still they remember Chatur Vyuha and Vasudevrai…Viceroy….!l

Link to my previous article will explain you story of First Blood of India..!

Again I want say that only Adityas and Ashtdigpala fought at Gate way of India for long 1000 years in form of Kafir wartriors to save their motherland Bharatvarsha..India…!

Crown of Throns

The Aditya who migrated from India seen that people of India forget them….Ashtdikpala who went to eight directions also experienced the same things..! Vasudevrai tradtion and Chatur Vyuha foergotten on Indian soil itself …!
They shed blood for Indian cause for centuries…and suddenly they cut off from main stream. Adityas are crying on Chatur vhyuha….! They have faith in mother Matri….! Still Blood is coming out .. ! No body is ready to look at. Lav nandan also remain forgotten child for India. Lav nandan thought that the people of India who forget Adityas , one day will forget Ram too..! (They have forgotten Lav nandan already ) He Joined Adityas and Ashtdikpala..wondering in the world…sheding blood for Indian Cause. They all symbolisd themselves with “ Crown of thorns “ on Chatur vyuha….Awasthya is witness to entire chain of events ….!

An ancient country that forget his Digpal….forget is Gate way of India…how can survive ? Who can pull it? Only economic stadrards are path to progress? After Progress will we be in position to sustain it secure?

Link to Samudra Manthan

Link to Folk deities of Kumaon and Link to Noah will explain you verything.
One site mentions that


world was descended from Noah’s three sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth and their wives.
Link to Noah

Kumaon folk deities

Now look we find Folk deities Ham, Saim, Golla in Kumaon.

In Kumaon every peak, lake or mountain range is somehow or the other connected with some myth or the name of a God or Goddess, ranging from those associated with the Shaiva, Shakta and Vaishnava traditions, to local Gods like Ham, Saim, Golla, Chhurmal, Kail Bisht, Bholanath, Gangnath, Airy and Chaumu.
Link to Kumaon falk deities

KUmaon / Cimmerians / Cymry of wales
conects Conan the Barbarian and Katyuri………

Read following Links. Links mantions that Cimmecrian has connection with Thracians…Thracians who took leadership against Macedonia and Greece. Now we now Thracians ,Tharu of Kumaon and Thai people have connection. Read about Cimmerian and know about their conection with Merivingian Kings who founded Romishch reich. They reached Wales…and named Lav nandan.

Link to Cimmerians that enerted Anaolia and won Phrygia.

Link to Cimmeria (Conan)

Link to Cimmerians that says that their spesial possession was their Cow..!

Cimmerians were clue to Thracians and Tharu people who still live in Kumaon….Thai named their Kingdm Ayuththya….and Thracians named Lav nandan…! that way Vasudevrai who founded Katyuri Dynasty and Viceroy connected….! Yes If we belive our honoured Historian Badri Datt Pandey ..then..Vasudevrai who founded Katyuri dynasty came from Ayodhya…and belonged to Bargujar clan that belong to Lav nandan…The elder son of shri Ram…!


UTTARAKHAND (uk) CARRY history of Raj barah (12)…! without knowing that “Raj barah” one can not understand mystery of Britain. History of Uttarakhand talk about Katyuri ,Chand , Khas , Shahi , Malla , Bashera , Bum (Bhrahma), Mankoti of Mankot etc.

I find Mankoti in Manchester , Bum or Bhrahma in Burmingham , Katyuri in Cattuvelluni tribe , I find Unchkot in ulsrt ,Baijnath valley in Breizh. I find memory of Soar valley of Uttarakhand in Soar river of uk.I find Kumaon garh in form of Canaught place. So now it is high time for history reaserachers. They have to go deeper into the Raj barah (12) of Uttarakhand (Uk) and united kingdoms …..! Vasudevrai founded Katyuri Kingdom in Uttarakhand..same visudevrai came back in form of viceroy…We could not recognise Lav nandan (That is London).Here in Garhwal we have Uncha kot and Munshayari…In Gwyddel of Ireland we have Munster and Ulster…..!

WE say Ganv…gam…to village…..they say Gham…what is difference?
WE call some holy places with suffix shwar…utkanteshwar…garudeshwar….they use shire…what is difference?
Original sanskrit says sthali…( Kushsthali) for place…they say city…what is problem?


Last cry…. Believe me..

King of Uttarakhand were called ” Balond Badri “…(p-102)! Chalta Badri..! Then read about Bolgois who took leadership of war against Macedonia….and never turned back to Bharatvarsha back..because we all become Baudh..forget Ram.

Link to the book “Encyclopaedia of the ?aivism “ By Swami Parmeshwaranand that talk about Balond Badri.

Link to Gallia Belgica (that says hostory of Bolgois of Garhwal)

Link to Bolgois Hero of war against Macedonia




About Chandrakant Marwadi

Researching ancint history.Have found that original name of London is Lav nanda. The fact shocked me. At end of research....that is thesis...anti theses and synthesis..I have following historical facts. Halahal / Holy I have found that We Sanatan dharmi people lost connection with Halahal tradition of Shiva. We turned Amrut seekers only. Rome and Greece has origin in Mahismiti ancient capital of Avantika. Mycenaean civilisation of Crete has origin in Mahishmati...Capital of Avantika . We have forgotten our savior Dharmapal or Gaurdians of Halahal. How can we recognise Paul and Paletine Hills of Rome ? To understand History of Trilokpati Ram and Shiva we have to go deeper in to History of Anhilwad (Gujarat) , Vallabhi - Oinwara ( Bihar) and England (Wales). All three kingdoms has origin in same root...same Skand. Go deep into the realm of Kritikas and Crete..Valli and Wales... Avantika and Aventicum and find eternal connection between Gaud / God......Halahal and Holy. Turk /Tarakasur Today's Indian history don't discuss much Turks....first invaded India. We could not spread our ancinet Scripture message...That Turks are Tarakasur. With this first folly... Then we could not recognise Lav nandan and Kartikeya too... Our real saviours. The jew lot in disguise started Azadi movement started quit india movement with Khilafat support of Turkish khilafat. Our this act broken heart of Kartyikeya and Lavnandan.
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