Synopsis to further research work : Ram Ek Khoj – Lav nandan = London …Wales / Valentine/ son of Valli..Pattan prabhu/Portugal

Here with I am producing synopsis to my further research work. I am sending it to some research institutes gradually. If any institute will help me to research furhter I shall be thankfull. Man proposes…God disposes.
Synopsis to research work
Ram ek Khoj…Lav nandan = Lowonidonjon = London

I am journalist , working in local leading news paper. Net surfing is my profession hobby and habit. Before 6 to 7 years I was studying present Afghan problem. Meanwhile I go deeper into Afghan history and geography. I came across gate way of India – Capisa and Bumburret.I came to know that white complexioned Kafir tribes faught at gate way of India for 1000 years. The white complexion of Kafirs and their Vedic religion surprised me. So I started reading book on Afghanistan.Particularly the book named “ The Races of Afghanistan “by H.W.Bellew signalled that in ancient time some tribes of Afghanistan migrated towards west. Author also explains similarity between some words of Afghan…Persian and English language. These facts inculcate curiosity in my mind. I decided to read more about Kafir tribes who faught at Gate way of India (Capisa and Bumburret ) for 1000 years.
Then the book – “The kafirs of Hindukush “by George scott Robertson amazed me. Particularly facts on page 160 startled me. Here, one of the Kafir of “ Katir “ tribe was telling the Book author Robertson that both belong to same race. Half in kafiristan and half in London.
“The Katirs in the Bashgul valley informed me that they came from the west, and were once part of a numcroiis tribe which divided into two parties.One division, consisting of all the wealthy and other notable persons, went to London, while the other, comprising menials only, settled in Kafiristan. This depreciation of themselves is in the true spirit of Oriental politeness. They warned me not to trust the Kam, or to believe them for an instant if they declared that they and I were descended from a common ancestor ; for it was notorious that it was the Katirs, and not the Kam, who were of my race, the Kam being really more akin to the Russians. This also indicated that the Kafirs of the Bashgul Valley know something of the antagonistic sentiments with which the English and the Russians are supposed to regard one another in the East. (page 160)
“The Káfirs of the Hindu-Kush”
-Sir George Scott Robertson
The statement increased my curiosity. Kafirs were having white complexion so I determinded to search those all kafir tribes in Europe.
(1) Katirs (2) Madugal (3 ) Kashtan (4) Kam (5) Istrate or Gourdesh (6) Presungulis or Virons (7) Waigulis and (8) Ashkun were the tribe names. I took note of each tribe and their characteristics.
Meanwhile I also gone through a short story by Rudyard Kipling – “The Man who will be King.”
In fact I felt sorrow and pain of writers and authors .I could feel tears into the eyes of Robertson While writing the Book . I read all about anglo – Afghan wars. The entire reading process filled me with pain and sorrow . White complexion of Kafir tribes lead me to search those tribes in Europe.

During my search I found noah Yimir in Northern Europe. And Kam river in Russia. The Book Kafirs of Hindukush – mentioned that Kam tribe was worshipper of God Imra. Book mentions that “ kafirs were worshipping their supreme deity Imra( Yama), the creator of all things in heaven and cartli.” (page 38) “ (even wikipedia says it is hindu god yama) .He also mentoins that nominally higher grade than the ordinary Jast is called by the Kam Kafirs “ Mir,” by which they
mean king.”(page -472)

During my search I found Historical region called Kartli (Iberia ) in present Georgia. Its original capital was Mtskheta. In Karnataka we also have Manyakheta.. Begrationi Dynasty ruled Kartli. Kam river is there in Russia and about “Mir” title entire world know.

During initial search I found Viron tribe in Finland. After long research at last I came to know that Phoenicians ….Finnic ..and presunviron kafirs who fought at gate way of India for 1000 years has connection. Vironians of Estonia and Finland were Tavatsians and worshippers of Tharapitha. Their each village name carry suffix “ Maa ”.

The initial founding encouraged me. I started reading entire history of Europe. I started reading tribe lists. In the beginning I could not get Much….But Capatian dynasty of France attracted Me. History of Capisa – Gate way of India says that Berhat dynasty ruled there for long 60 generations. And Capetians dynasty began with Robert the strong. I thought that something like Bharat (Brother of Ram ) bubuling in French History. I also checked etymology of the word Robert. It is something like “Raw – Bharat”. I could imagine that word “ Bharat “ when reached up to Afghanistan it turned to Berhat…Just like word Suryavansh turned to Serbans in Afghanistan. I imagined that sarbans can turn into surbs and Berhat can turn up to Robert. But I could not conclude.

British Bard mentioned Capys

Meanwhile Druid tradition of ancient Britain attracted me. In fact P.N.Oak writing inspired me to read about Druid priests of Europe. EDWARD DAVIES, RECTOR OF BISHOPSTON, IN THE COUNTY OF GLAMORGAN, mentioned it in his book named “ THE MYTHOLOGY AND RITES OF THE BRITISH DRUIDS” that “King to Isle of Man”(Island of Manu) belonged to Capys in Asia. Royal Bard to the king announced this fact before 2000 years, in his poetic personification to King to Isle of Man ( Island of Manu).

Yn enw Duw Trindawd, cardawd cyfnvys!
Llwyth lliaws, anuaws eu henwerys,
Dygorescynnaa Prydain, prif fan ynys;
Gwyr gwlad yr Asia, a gwlad Gafys;”

Writer also explain its meaning. Poet clearly mentioned the word “Marwar”. If you search the meaning of “Bychan” then it implies “Vishnu” or “Bishno”. You read the meaning of Washington , it will lead you to Bishno – Bychan. “LLVDD” clearly signals Lau. Remember, Bard said it in poetic personification of King of “ Isle of Man” (Island of Manu). Poetic lines explained in following way and mentions Capys in Asia. Bard begin with God Trinity.

“In the name of the God Trinity, exhibit thy charity ! A numerous race, of ungentle manners, ‘ Repeat their invasion of Britain, chief of isles : Men from a country in Asia, and the region of Capys ; J A people of iniquitous design : the land is not known That was their mother. They made a devious course by sea. In their flowing garments, who can equal them ? With design are they called in,with their short spears, those fqes.”

*Lowonidonjon / London

When I started reading about London I felt that somebody slept and told me that it is Lav nandan. When I read about river Thames I felt second shot. I came to know that original name of London was “ Lowonidonjon”. About Thames mentioned that “ The Thames, from Middle English Temese, is derived from the Celtic name for the river, Tamesas (from tamessa), recorded in Latin as Tamesis and underlying modern Welsh Tafwys “Thames”. The name probably meant “dark” and can be compared to other cognates such as Sanskrit tamas, Irish teimheal and Welsh tywyll “darkness” (Proto-Celtic temeslos and Middle Irish teimen “dark grey”

I got puzzled . I decided to check all geographical names of Britain . I found that in ancient time Midland was called “ Breizh “ I started searching similarity between Bahraich of India and Breizh of Britain. To my surprise I found similarity between Soar and Saryu river. In the term Shire I could read out suffix “Shwara”. ( Just we here in India names Vireshwar)

The Catuvellauni tribe

I come across The Catuvellauni tribe. It is said that “ They may be related to the Catalauni, a people of Belgic Gail attested in the region of Chalons –en – Champagne. The name itself is derived from the Old Brythonic catu – wellauni meaning “battle chieftains” or “battle leaders”. This ultimately derives from the Proto-Celtic “catu”, battle, and “wali”, to lead”

And I found that words of Kafir warrior were “true” ..very true. I myself found that ( half ) Katirs where there at Gate way of India ,while (half ) Catuvellauni where there in London.
Entire thing filled me with sorrow and pain. I wrote 50 to 55 articles in leading news paper on the subject. People read all the artic les with peace and interest.

Search in India ( Third phase)

But after publication of Articles in News paper I did not stop there. I decided to search those kafir tribes ( who faught at Gate way of India for 1000 years ) in today’s India.
For that I started putting facts on face book and twitter and asked people’s help and opinions for research. I could not find any signals of connection anywhere in our present written History. My mind was full of European Historical facts and Data .Suddenly Uttarakhand History helped me. As I went deeper into the Uttarakhand History. European History opened before me. I found that Greek mythology was mere reflection of History of Gairi Champawat area.History of Zalarai ( Zeus ), Halarai ( Heracle) and so on. was reflected in Greek Mythology . Thus 12 olympians naturally connected to Raj barah (12) of Almora histry. Jaunsari – Bawar tribes and Goddess Dunagiri connected with history of Germany –Bavaria and Danube naturally.

Katyuri / Lav nandan

I found similarity between Katyuri …Katir kafir warriors and Catuvallauni tribe of Britain. I found similarity between Canningham and Kuninda , who originated near Ganga. I found that historian Budri datt Pandey mentioned in His book “Kumaon Ka Itihas” that Katyuris were Bargujar Lav clan . Katyuris came from Ayodhya and developed Kurmanchal that is Kumaon.
With That Katyiri – Katirs kafirs and Catuvallauni tribe connected…..! Lav nandan and London connected.

I decided to read colonial History. I could understand Thomas Raw and his efforts to liberate Ayodhya and India.
And finally I decided to write book with all evidences.

Even after Book publication my research continued. At last Vatican mystery unfolds. I found house of Savoy ( Sahyadri) in Italy. I found Druid prisst tradition of Europe and Main deity of Venkteswara “ Dhruva bera “ connected. Both has same priest (Purohit ) tradition and architecture.

perspective and scope explains that Lau is Germanic word which stands for Great warrior. When We find sanskrit word like “Trinovanes” , then it should not be “Lau-nandan” there ? In fact we could not spell out the word Deutsche(Devashch) in the word Dutch. We could not read or spell out the word “Lawishch” in word Louis.
(1) Now it is high time to research based on Ramayana….
(2) Now it is high time to check history of Founding of Ayodhya….
(3) It is high time to see that anywhere in Ramayana word “ Bharat “ is mentioned or not.
(4) Mayan is Tamil term for Vishnu. It is high time to look at “Minion Kingdom” of Crete that says migration story of Kireetam (crown) of Ayodhya in west.
(5) It is high time to check history and tradition of Kathakali that connects European royals Dress code and Kaithal (Saraswati river civilization).
(6) It is high time to look at Katyuri – Kaitr Kafir tribe of Gate way of India – Catuvellauni tribe connection.
(7) It is high time to search out historical connection Between Seshanchalam ( Vinktesh)…Sancta sedes (Vatican)…Saxony Anhalt ( Germany) and Saxon tribes reached British land.
(8) It is high time to search historical connection between Anegundi ( town of ancient Kishkindha kingdom)…Angavin kingdom of Europe…ANGLO who reached British land ..and England.
(9) It is high time to look at Shalivahan Katyuri rulers of Ayodhya – King Solomon – Sylvain connection
(10) It is high time to look at history of Crown of Ayodhya.. Ya not only Ayodhya but history of crown of Ayodhya is vital for Sanatan religion.

Description of research work
(1) Sahyadri and Purna river
The forts and pinnacles of the sahyadris stand as witness to the history. History can be traced to many ages and various dynasties which ruled at different time.
Erandol of jalgaon district carry timeless history. Once it was called “ Ek chakra Nagari” during Pandava time .River Purna ,Aarna and Tapti are witness to the history of Akola , Berar ,Amarawati , Argaon and Yavatmal . Padmalaya kshetra carry ancient history of India. Katepurna , Vaan and Mun rivers are also very ancient rivers. Phanse..Phadanvis belong to this ancient province of India…
Replica in Kerala…Periyar (Purna )
Purna river turned to Periyar river in Kerala itself. Erandol turned to Ernakulam in Kerala itself. Padmalaya khetra turned to padmnabh….. Chera dynasty ruled Here. Cheralm says history of Chera. Cheral is the most ancient known dynasty of Kerala. That Cherala gradually turned to Kerala. They were wordhipper of Kathiyayani devi. Here Padmnabhswamy diety means Vishnu in the eaternal sleep posture. Its history says that even Balram visited the temple. The main Deity is sleeping on “Anant adi shesha nag.” History of Ernakulam interlinked with Chera dynasty.

Pattan Prabhu/Portugal

Book Link to..”A History of the Pattana Prabhus: Containing an Account of the Origin of …
By N?yaka S?ma-R?u Moroj?”

link .”A History of the Pattana Prabhus: Containing an Account of the Origin of … By N?yaka S?ma-R?u Moroj?”


(2) Tirupati Venkteswara Balaji..Seshanchalam

Tirumala Venkteswara Balaji is an ancient vedic temple in Chittur district of Andhra Pradesh. Tirumala Hills comprises seven peaks representing Seven Heads of Adi shesha. Presiding main deity is called Dhruva Bera (Pole star)…or Moolavirat! Venkteswara is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The temple is located on Sehsnachalam Hill range.
The deity also called with names.. Balaji, Srinivasa , Perumal.
Punugu Thalim is divine civet. Punugu fragrance powder is being used for main Abhishek of Deity. The Idol of Main deity wears Gold Kireetam.
Main priest of Venkteswara is called Archaka.

(3) Vitthala / Panduranga

Vishnu..venktesh has vernacular names in different states of south India itself. In Kerala Vishnu is called Vittu , in Kannada Vithu..and in Marathi Vishnu turned to Vitthala. Pandurang means white God. Pandharpur remembers Pundric. There is Vitthala temple at Hampi too. Badawa Brahmin priest tradition prevail in Pandurang temple. In Marathi “Vit “ means Brick (Int) and Sthala in Sanskrit means Standing…The deity who is standing on (Int) brick is “ Vitthala ”.

(4) Devbhumi

Uttarakhand is called Devbhumi in sanatan tradition. Pauravas , Kuninda , Katyuris ,chand ,Parmaras ruled it. Garhwal and Kumaon are two division of Devbhumi. Both carry ancient Kingdom names. Almora and Tihri (Trihari) garh are in the centre of History.
Raj Barah (12) emrged from Almora.
Jaunsari bavar tribe dwell near Dehradun and claim that they belong to Pandava ( Jaunsari) and Duryoshna (Bawar). Dunagiri Goddess being wordhiped in Devbhumi. Dunagiri river and Dunagiri Valley too there.

Trihari garh was political and spiritual seat of Devbhumi. It is on the bank of river Ganga in Garhwal.
Katarmal sun temple says the story of sunline rulers of Devbhumi.
Burhaditya is deity of Katarmal sun temple. As per traditions Kilmora plant flowers were used to clean utensils of Deity. Kedarnath architecture design is very important. Kedar ruled devbhumi in satyuga…! Vrinda..daughter of Kedar developed Vrindavana in Satyuga…and Krishna did his Lila in Vrindavana in Dwapara.

(5) Badrinath….Balond Badri

Badrinarayan temple is on bank of river Alaknanda. Temple is dedicated to Vishnu and his Consort Laxmi as Araveidavalli. Temple architecture holds special importance. Vedic scriptures mentions that temple. It is in chamoli district. Lord is seated here in Padmasana posture.

Gahdwal king holds the title Balond Badri.

(6) Katyuri rulers

Vasudevrai founded Katyuri dynasty in Devbhumi. Badridatt Pandey mentions in his book “ Kumaon Ka Itihas “ that Katyuris belonged to Bargujar Clan of Lav….son of Ram. They came from Ayodhya and created Kurmanchal…..Kumaon There.
Sun God Burhaditya.,.Goddess Dunagiri they were worshiping. Once Almora was Katyuri’s Capital. They build Katarmal sun temple. Kartikey valley and Baijnath Vally , Bageshwar were place of Katyuri Kings
Means Ramvanshi Royals of North and South India are holding tradition of Vishnu worship. All
“ Anchalam s ” are found d by them in India. That Anchalam are clue to world History of Ramvanshi.
How ? That we shall check in second sheet. In corresponding history sheet of Europe…we shall check Anchalam..Garhwal..and Kurmanchal. The Land of Gods in Europe…!

Second side of the same coin that reflected in Europe…..

Balkan – Balkanda
As they entered European Land , Periyar turned Phrygians in far land….They named Balkand (That today turned to Balkan ) and founded Odrycian kingdom. Now don’t doubt Thrace….Thiru is Malayalam term. Thrace carried tradition of Thiruvanthpuram….. ! We have to know Tamil terms to understand Tautha Da Danan who reached land of Ireland.
House of Sahyadri / House of Savoy
Then same people reached today’s Land of Italia….and named it Vitalia. Purna river civilization turned to Po Valley civilization. In India Paithan carry History of Pai people….!”Pie sthan” means Paithan. In Po ( Purna…Payoshi..Paisini) Valley in Italy replica of Punyanagri / Panduranga created and named Piemonte or piedmont. ( Now you understand pythagorous ?) Vanvas Story of Lav nandan began from Piedmont…replica of Punyanagri. Shardul ( Tiger symbol) was well remembered in form of Sardania Island. Eturnagram or Medaram civilization turned to Etruscan civilization. This civilization was holding pictures of Ram and Sita that today we don’t ready to believe. But Medaram ..Eturnagaram was well remembered in form Mediterean Sea and Etruscan civilization. History of Rome says that Veneto (Vanvasi) Liguri tribe did all this.

There after Purna / periyar history runs in Europe in form of Phrygians…Frissians..Frank..Portugal.
Berar History runs with house of Bergandi…. Argoan (Mahararhstra ) History runs in form of House of Aragon. There is not much difference between Phanse ..Phadanvis…and Fer nandis. Since that time Lav nandan in “Vanvas”.
Ernakulam well remembered in Form of Eureka. Anjani river well remembered in form of river Anza. Tapti river well remembered in form of Tiber.

Cherala putra / Keralaputra / Carolingians
Not only Ernakulam but Kerala dynasty also remembered and it took form of Carolingian dynasty in Europe. European History has roots in this dynasty.

(2) Vatican ..replica of Venkteswara
Venkteswara on seven Hills…..Rome ..Vatican on Seven Hills. Venktesh on Seshanchalam Hill range while Vatican on Sacta sedes. Venkteshwara and Vatican both carry same architectural structures. Archaka priests are there in Venkteswara ( Dhruva Bera ) while Archbishop Druid priest tradition in Vatican. In fact Venkteswara is swayambhu Vishnu incarnation Place…Lav nandan is Keeping religious Maryada, so deity statue is not there. They worship spirit and traditions only. Punuga …Purna take form of Pope.
Tirumvirate (Three Magistrate rule tradition followed) . One of Tirumvirate (Three Ruler)set – Ceasar was representing Shanivara rule tradition. Tirupati.. ruling tradition took place in form of Tirumvirate. I can find two set of tribes in Europe…Frissian, Franck that represent Periyar….or Paurava of Garhwal and Belgic tribe that represent and remembers Balaji. …and Badrinath. There are House of Lauven , House of Robertian Capecian and Luxumburg in Europe.
Now we know that name of main deity of Venkteswara is “Dhruv Bera” or Moolavirata. Druid priest of Moolavirata turned to Magi in European History. Same Driud priests reached British Land and founded Rodrigue (Rudraprayag)
Seshanchalam / Saxons
Seshanchalam is well remembered in Europe.
In Italia…. Vitalia Seshanchalam turned to Sancta sedes ,while in Germany it turned to “Sachsen – Anhalt” or “Saxony – Anhalt “. When Belgic tribes of Saxony – Anhalt reached British land they were called Saxons.
Anegundi / Anglo / Angvin kingdom / England
Curious about Anglo tribe ? Dear now I am very much firm that Anglo belong to Kannada. Anagundi was capital of Vijayanagar Empire. The people who developed Kannada now developed Canada…! They turned to Anglo in British history .What more they can do ?
Secondly there is no difference between Symbol of Vijayanagara Empire and Holly Romishch Reich Symbol. Symbol of “Gandaberunda Narsimha “ is common between too. What more Vanvasi Lav nandan and his ally tribes can do ?

Golden Kireetam of Venktesh well remembered in Form of Crete…foundation of European culture. That Kireetam is centre point of Chritianity.
Mohenjodaro / Mayon / Minoan / Maya
Mohenjodaro civilization is in root of all this civilization. As Saraswati river dried out , thousands of cities and towns on bank of river Saraswati migrated world over. The People of South also migrated in south from Bank of Saraswati river. Mayon is Tamil term for Vishnu . On Crete Island everything began with Minoan Kingdom. Dear we are in right direction. Drying up of Saraswati and Drashtavati river was cause of migration world over. Drashtavati river well remembered in Italy in form of Drava river in Italy. Latayanya srauta sutra and Crauta sutra were written on Bank of Sarswati. Latur / Lata Pradesh of India and Latin province of Italy both remembers Latayanya Sutra.
Kaithal / Katahkali / Royal dress code
Dear we never looked at ancient dress code of European Royals. They wear Kathakali dress. In Kathakali dance form , costume and Kireetam is very important. The word “ costume” has also roots in Malyalam term.

(3) Vittala turned today’s..Italia… and Pandurang turned to Piedmonte. If Venktesh or Vishnu term can turn into Vittu in Kerala , Vitthu in Karnataka and Vittala in Maharashtra…..then on far land of Italia the term can not turn to Vatican? Vishnu turned to Vicus in Latin.
(4) Devbhumi / Dewashch / Deitschland

Now we know Jaunsari –Bawar tribes and Dunagiri Goddess of Devbhumi. Germanic tribe reached there and named Deitschland. They named river Danube. “Maadona” don’t remind you of Maa Dunagiri ?They also named Vindobana that today turned to Viena.
They also tell it Bundesland. Same way the term Seshanchalam when reached Deitschland land turned to “Sachsen- Anhalt” or Saxony –Anhalt. Two provinces were created- Germany and Bavaria. Nearby land in west was called “ Gaul” which varies in different languages. Dear, we have Pauri as Head quarter of Garhwal while Paris was capital of ancient Gaul. If we look at geography then above Gaul area there was Land Called Breizh. European History says that Iscvones dwell here. Group of “ Low contires” founded Holly Romishch Reich.
Garhwal / Gwyddel
Kumaon / Cumbria

Northern tribes named Cumbria and Gwyddel in British land. Gwyddel in Ireland and Cumbria in Britishland. The tribes were Belgic and Cymru. We know that Kilmora flowers were used to clean utensils of Katarmal sun temple deity Burhaditya . There is Kilmore county in Ireland. “Tri hari Garh” was political and spiritual seat of Garhwal ..while today’s Tara hill “ Teamhrach” of Ireland was political and spiritual seat of Gwydell in Ireland. Tihri garh and Tara hill both has same design and traditions.
(5) Badrinath and Balond Badri were remembered in form of Belgic tribes and Belgium. Badrinath temple and Brussel palace both carry same design.

(7) Katyuri / Catuvelluni
London / Lownidonjon / Lav nandan

Historian Badridatt Pandey says that Katyuris belong to Bargujar Lav clan of Ayodhya. They came to Devbhumi and developed Kurmanchal..Kumaon. Now Catuvellauni tribe we find in Ancient Britain. Catuvellauni tribe was traditional guardian of London – Lowonidonjaon – Lav nandan. The tribe reached Britain in form of Belgic tribes…! Belgic tribes… named river Thames and London. Original name of River Thames is Tamas (Dark )..They carry Anglo – saxons history
Ramayana says that Lav –kush borned on bank of river Tamas. Lav nandan has kept his birth certificate open to the world. But world deny to recognize him.

So Nietshzsche’s mad man came out in bright morning with Lantern in his hand in search of God.
Mad Man asked to the people..Where is God ?
People laughed at him. At Last Madman told them… “I will tell you where is God. God is dead…… We everybody killed him. We all are Murderers.”
I have found that madman said everything rightly.
And History
proceed further……………..
We deprive them of Kannada….they created new Canada
We deprive them of Amarawati…..they created America
We deprieve them of Akola..they created new Oklaham.
We deprive them of Ernakulam…..they created new Eureka.
They started with Mayon in Seshanchalm…Mayon is a Tamil term for Vishnu . Mayon turned to Mioan in Crete. Then during renaissance ( Samudramanthan) suddenly they found The land of America .They found their bretheran in America in form of Maya culture of Mexico. As we deny them of their Ayodhya..they go higher and Higher….
Ramayana says that Lav –kush were first to sing Ramayana in street of Ayodhya. Lav –kush still sings same songs in street of the world. But they remain forgotten children for Ayodhya itself.
—————————————————————————————————————————————— Lav nandan suffered more than Ram?
When Ram went to Vanvas , People of Ayodhya were waiting for his coming back. In case of Lav nandan nobody is waiting for home coming . Our present history says that virtually everybody deny him of His Ayodhya. But In Vanvas Lav nandan came in connect with so many groups .They all are with Lav nandan. At home people forget Lav nandan but the people who met Lav nandan during Vanvas keeps him on their shoulders . As per my emotion and reasoning…..Lav nandan has suffered more than Ram. The crown of Ayodhya that he wears traditionally becomes too Thorny…! But he has to hold it on his head .At Last he put Crown of Ayodhya from Dhwaja stambh to Vadhstambha. The Kireetam / crown become too thorny. Chridtianity remembers that history of Kireetam( Crown) of Ayodhya and Laments for sufferings of Lav nandan… Lav kush…The forgotten children of Ayodhya. People of Anegundi..former town of Kishkindha kingdom (That is Anglo ) are witness to history of crown of Ayodhya. What more witness we require? Angad of Anegundi still exist…and even today he keeps up Lav – Kush on his shoulders…We are not in position to doubt Angad . Because Hampi developed after Anegundi in India itself and Anglo people named Hampshire too. Hampshire is replica of Hampi.Ramayana still exist and we started to believe it myth.

Remember ,My research started from Gate way of India….Gate way of India ..Bumburret..connects London and Lav nandan.

List of publication based on the research work
(1) Written 55 articles in Local Gujarati new paper
(2) Book pulished in Gujarati “ Lav nandan banyu London – Ram ek Khoj “

(1) The Kafirs of Hindukush – by George scott Robertson
(2) The races of Afghanistan – by H.W.Bellew
(3) The man who would be king – by Rudyard Kipling
(4) The Afghans – by Wellem Vogelsang
(5) Celtic Culture : A Hidtorical encyclopedia Vol.1 Vol.2 By John T.koch
(6) The Celtic encyclopedia By Harry Mountain
(7) Encyclopedia of European people By Carl Waldman , Catherine Mason
(8) Lords of Battle : The world of Caltic warriors by Stephen Allans
(9) The Cabrian journal by Cambrian institute ,wales
(10) A concise history of Germany by Mary Fulbrook
(11) Balkan prehistory by Douglass w. Bailey
(12) The Mythology and rites of British Druids by Edward Devies
(13) Late Medieval mysticism of the Low Countries by Rik Van Nieuwenhove ,Rob Faesan ,H. Rolfson
(14) The Gonds of vidarbha by Shashishekhar Gopal Deogankar
(15) Mountains of India , Tourism Adventure and priligrimage by M.S. Kohli
(16) Forest management in Kumaon Himalaya by Ajaysinh Rawat
(17) Ancient Indian social History, some interpretation By Romila Thapar
(18) Ramayana
(19) The call of Mountains , Uttarakhand explored by Prem K. Budhwar
(20) History of Kumaon by Badri Datt Pandey

About Chandrakant Marwadi

Researching ancint history.Have found that original name of London is Lav nanda. The fact shocked me. At end of research....that is thesis...anti theses and synthesis..I have following historical facts. Halahal / Holy I have found that We Sanatan dharmi people lost connection with Halahal tradition of Shiva. We turned Amrut seekers only. Rome and Greece has origin in Mahismiti ancient capital of Avantika. Mycenaean civilisation of Crete has origin in Mahishmati...Capital of Avantika . We have forgotten our savior Dharmapal or Gaurdians of Halahal. How can we recognise Paul and Paletine Hills of Rome ? To understand History of Trilokpati Ram and Shiva we have to go deeper in to History of Anhilwad (Gujarat) , Vallabhi - Oinwara ( Bihar) and England (Wales). All three kingdoms has origin in same root...same Skand. Go deep into the realm of Kritikas and Crete..Valli and Wales... Avantika and Aventicum and find eternal connection between Gaud / God......Halahal and Holy. Turk /Tarakasur Today's Indian history don't discuss much Turks....first invaded India. We could not spread our ancinet Scripture message...That Turks are Tarakasur. With this first folly... Then we could not recognise Lav nandan and Kartikeya too... Our real saviours. The jew lot in disguise started Azadi movement started quit india movement with Khilafat support of Turkish khilafat. Our this act broken heart of Kartyikeya and Lavnandan.
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