Ayodhya…Lahore….London …Ishwar and Ishwar putra

It is very surprising that every indian and every saint of India talk about shashtra and  sanskriti. In Ayodhya as well as in entire Everybody proudly rememebrs that Ram ruled Ayodhya and his son Lava founed Lahore…Kush founed Kasur nearby. Even Pushkalavati (Peshawar) and Taxshila named By Bharat on his son’s name.  One can say that Lahore and Peshwar are only cities in The world that carry perrerel history to Ayodhya and Ram….! Today is different situation. The people who worship Ram amd Control Ayodhya at name of Ram mandir…not ready to recognise Lahore and its heritage. Lava temple is there  in Lahore Fort today and  Lahore carryheritage of Valmiki temple also.

link to Lahore...and its heritage

link to Lava  temple of Lahore Fort

Link to Valmiki temple of Lahore

Now Look ..original name of London is Lav nandan… that is Lowonidonjon.

surpringly London carry history of Lahore…. How… I will explain you.


KARLANI  , a orphan child brought up by most of Pashtun tribe but no tribe claim that boy belong to their tribe.link to Karlani..tribe

more facts to Karlani tribe

CAROLINGIAN dynasty founed by Charles Martel….with permission of Pope.

Link to Carolingian Dynasty


llink to Swabi….District of Pakhtun Kava

link to Swabia  of Germnay


ORMUR OR BURKI tribe live in pakistan as well as in Afghanistan. kaniguram is their traditional town. read mush about Burki or Ormur tribe.

link to Ormur or Burki tribe

More facts to Ormur or Burki tribe

read bout their tradition town Kaniguram… kanoj has origin in this town ? I believe that Kanoj has origin in this town. link to Kaniguram will expalin more.

Link to Bukingham palace will expalain evrything

Look pushtun are called Pathans and Pakhtuns too

we have found Ormur and Burki tribe in Waziristan.. now we find Armorica at Atlanrtis cost.
pakhtun is clue word for Pictones you look here. Armorica and Bellovasi tribe one see in Map. Bituriges tribe and Britannia also can be seen.Pakhtuns / Pictons connects all .

link to Armorica will expalin you evrything.

Linkl to Briton….. Berhet who ruled Kabul and Burhaditya son temple will ecplain you evrything.

Link to Briton ..of Britain

link to Burhaditya temple of Kumaon

Link to Barahatakin – Barhat…. his 60 generation ruled Kabul and Kapisa ..Gate way of India

Link to Kapisa capital city of Bahart

Link to Capetian Dynasty

Swabi and Swabia

Now you know about Swabi district of pakistan and Swabia of Germany.

Now look at their pictures too.

I think that you may be knowing meaning of Haripur….In pakistan they have not changed ancirnt names as par thier new faith… what are we doing?
it is ancient Swabia of Holy Roman Empire ..
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