Four tribes of Tara (Ireland) :Teamhar / Tamilar /Tamil…. Orugallu / O’ Raigain / Regan….O’ Connolly / Caucasus / Kokani…….O’kelly /keralite …O’Hart / Ahom…Venkteswar..Vittalaa and Vatican connects all four tribes of Tara

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Tara sthan at Mahishi : It is situated at a distance of about 16 Kms west of Saharsa in village Mahishi where an ancient temple of Bhagwati Tara is built. The idol of Bhagwati Tara is said to be very old and draws devotees from far and wide. On either side of the main deity, there are two smaller female deities which are worshipped by the people as Ekjata nad Nil Saraswati.

Tara Sthanat at Mahishi

Tara Sthana at Mahishi -clue to Tara hill of Ireland

Tarasthan at Mahishi was place of Ugra Tara ( Ferocious). While “Tara” is an anglicisation of the Irish word “Teamhairigh” (genitive case of “hill” or “crag” – “teamhar”. One of the name of Tribe of Tara is “ the O’Regans.” while Tarasthan have title “RAGHITA”.
Further more Siwan district is one of the districts of Bihar, and Siwan town is the administrative headquarters of this district. Siwan district is a part of Saran Division. As the legend goes, Dronacharya of Mahabharat belonged to village ‘DON’ in Darauli Block.
The Hill of Tara (Cnoc na Teamhrach)

The Hill of Tara (Irish Cnoc na Teamhrach; Irish Temair na Ri, “Hill of the Kings”), located near the River Boyne, is an archaeological complex that runs between Navan and Dunshaughlin in County Meath,Leinster, Ireland. It contains a number of ancient monuments, and, according to tradition, was the seat of Ard Ri na heireann, or the High King of Ireland.
Recent scholarship claims that despite the rich narratives derived from Mythollogy, Tara was not so much a true seat of kingship, but a Sacred site associated with kingship rituals. Other historians have argued that the concept itself is mostly mythical.

Tara hill

Tara connects Araria (Bihar)of Angdesh and Ireland

The central part of the site could not have housed a large permanent retinue, suggesting that it was used as an occasional meeting place. There were no large defensive works. Certainly the earliest records attest that high kings were inaugurated there, and the “Seanchas Mor” legal text (written down after 600AD) specified that they had to drink Ale and symbolically marry the Goddess Maeve ( Medb) to acquire the high-kingship.

Four tribes of Tara

The Four Tribes of Tara consisted of the (1)O’Regan or UI DRONA (2)O’Harts, (3)O’Kelly’s, and the(4) O’Connolly. The princes of Tara were also styled princes of Bregia, to and contained the districts about Tara, Trim, Navan, Athboy, part of Dublin north of the Liffey.

Now we know warnagal trem Orugallu. you look every tribe carry prefix “O”. Now we know that “Oru” meamns “One” and “Gallu” meamns stone. the term is clue to Four tribe of Tara.. “teamhar”.


UI DRONA, descendants of Drona, the fourth in descent from Cathaoir Mor, King of Leinster and monarch of Ireland in the 2nd century; the clan-name of the O’Ryans in the barony of Idrone, Co. Carlow.
The Ryans are directly descended from Drona, who was fourth in descent from Cathair Mor, the founder of the Drona trible. The O’Riains, or anglicized Ryans, were chiefs of the tribe of Ui Drona and settled in Carlow and Kilkenney where they gave their name to the area.

dronacharya of Mahabhrat

Dronacharya - son of Bhardwaj - teacher of Arjun

In the 11th century, the Chief of Ui Drona took the surnamme of O’Ryan, and the clan continued to possess the original stronghold of the family Ui Idrone which is composed of much of the present day County Carlow and westward into Kilkenny in the vicinity of Graiguenamanagh.
The Ui Drona (Nepotes Dronai), who took the surname of O’Rian or O’Ryan are descendants of Eana Cinnselagh, whose sobriquet “Dron” (Genitive Dronai), they assumed as their tribe name. They occupied the territories of the Fotharta

In an explanatory note on Ui Drona O’Donovan says:-‘- “This tribe, descended from Drona, the fourth in descent from Cathair Mor monarch of Ireland in the second century, gave its name to the barony of Idrone, in the County Carlow.” Of Magh da Chon, “the plain of the two hounds,” he says:-‘- “This name is now anglicised Moyacomb, a parish in the barony of St. Mullins (Lr.) in the County Carlow, and extending into the barony of Shillelagh, County Wicklow. It is sometimes called Fearann O’Neill. O’Neill of this territory is now unknown
Ó RIAGHAIN, Ó RIAIN,O Rian, O’Ryan, Ryan: ‘descendant of Riaghan,’ or ‘Rian’; was the name of a Carlow family who were lords of Ui Drona, the present barony of Idrone, and are now numerous through Leinster.


Former  president of America

warangal is called Orugallu and Regan is an anglican form of irish surname O'Riagain..which mean little king

Regan is an Anglicized form of the Irish surname Ó Riagáin (“son of Riagáin”) derived from the Irish personal name Riagáin, which meant “little king”.
In the book name called – “Reagan: A Life In Letters”
By Ronald Reagan, Kiron K. Skinner, Martin Anderson, Annelise Anderson (Page –38)narrates following facts. In one of the letters Ronald Regan says he belonged to four tribes of Tara. Following is copy of letter written by Ronald Regan on October 28, 1981. letter says that…..
“Incidently we hail from four tribes of Tara ,descendent from high king of Ireland – Cathair Mor in 200 A.D. It seems we were the defenders for few centuries of the Gape of Glandine , a narrow pass in the Slive bloom mountains. Our moto was “ The Hills For Ever”. Every now and then I would like to take to the hills myself.
By the way our great grand mother was Catherine Mulkahy.”
Book linkOragallu history

Drona of Mahabharata
In the epic Mahbharata, Drona or Dronacharya was the royal Guru of Kaurava and Pandava. He was a master of advanced military arts, including the Devastra. Arjuna (Parth) was his favorite student. Drona’s love for Arjuna was second only to his love for his son Ashwathama. He was considered to be a partial incarnation of Brihaspati.
Dehradun /Gurgaon

Dronacharya is also believed to have been born and resided in Dehradun ( Dera + Drone = Dehradun ) .In Sanskrit, Guru means teacher, which in this case refers to Dronacharya and both Gram and Gaon mean village. According to Hindu mythology, the village was gifted by the Pandavas and Kauravas – specifically, by King Dhritrashtra of Hastinapur – to Dronacharya, the son of Rishi Bhardwaja, and was therefore known as guru-gram. Over time the colloquial term gaon (which also means village in Prakrit) was substituted for gram and the name Gurgaon emerged.The ‘Dronacharya Well’ still exists within the Gurgaon city, along with a village called Gurgaon.

(2) O’ Hatrs clan
The name Hart literally means bear, stone, or noble The translation of the motto Fortiter at Fidelitur is Bravely and Faithfully.
O’Harte is a native English name, numerous in that country but in Ireland the Harts (usually spelt Harte in Connacht) are nearly all of the Sept O’Hart. Some families have always retained, others have recently retained preserved the prefix O. In Irish the name is O’hArt, i.e. descendant of Art who was son of King Conn of the Hundred Battles. The O’Harts were the Southern Ui Neill and were one of the Four Tribes of Tara (Co. Meath) in early times. Their chiefs were lords of Tiffia (Co Meath) but after the Anglo-Norman invasion they were pushed westward and settled in the territory now known as the barony of Carbury, Co Sligo. O’Hart is included in the Composition Book of Connacht.
In this research the HARTEs came from Sligo County in North West Ireland. The family still lives around Sligo Town having land in the Lough Gill and Calry parts of that beautiful county.
(3) Connelly clan

The Connolly’s (O Conghaile) of Monaghan appear to have descended from Cu Uladh MacMahon before the year 756. By the year 1100 Connolly was one of the Dynastic Families of Ireland. They are the 3rd most common family name in Monaghan, and by most accounts, were powerful, having had their own chieftain (Ua Connalaigh ….”the Connolly” roughly translated) by the early 1500’s. The Connolly’s also held many important positions during the 15-17th Centuries.

Owing to the lack of precision frequently found in the anglicization of Gaelic surnames due to the fact that their English forms were often determined by the phonetic attempts of lawyers and others in the seventeenth century who were unfamiliar with the Irish language, the name Connolly has been much confused with Conneely and Killealy (q.v.). The people now called Connolly mostly derive their descent from three Gaelic septs. These were O Conghalaigh or O Conghaile of Connacht and of Monaghan, and O Coingheallaigh of Munster, for which MacCoingheallaigh was previously an alias; the other Connacht sept was of the Ui Maine and the same stock was the O’Maddens.
Several spelling variations were found in the archives researched. Most of these were the result of families trying to translate the name from the Gaelic to the english or vice versa. Amongst the many variations of the name Connelly, from time to time, included Connolly,Conolly,Connally, O’Connolly, Connolley, Connally, Connelly, Conoley, Connaleigh, Connelay, O’Conghaile, O’Conghalaigh and these changes in the spelling frequently occurred. It was most common to find the name several different ways during the lifetime of the same person, when he or she was born, married and died.

ancient four kingdom of Ireland

These are names of ancient kingdom of Ireland

To be frank..i am not sure but Link to Kakulam or Andhra Vishnu can explain something….Further research needed in the field

(4) O’Kellys [O’Ceallaigh] of Breagh or Bregia ( Bruhaspati?)and of The Seven Steps of Leix (Saptarshi?) Chiefs of Tuath Leighe, parts of the baronies of West Narragh and Kilkea, in the county Kildare; they had also the district about Nass, and had their Chief residence and castle at Rathascul or the Moat of Ascul, near Athy: the territory comprising these districts in Meath was known as “O’ kelly’s countryO’Hart mentions the sept of O’Connaill or O’Connell, chiefs of the territory from the river Grian (or Graney), on the borders of Clare (barony of Upper Tulla), to the plain of Maenmoy: comprising parts of the barony of Leitrim in Galway, and of Tullagh in Clare.
The O’Kellys of Breagh or Breiga, were a branch of the southern Uí Neill, and were lords of Breagh, an extensive district embracing a large portion of Co. Meath and the north of Co. Dublin. With the O’Harts, the O’Regans and the Connollys, the O’Kellys formed the “Four Tribes of Tara”. This family was descended from Aedh Slaine, monarch of Ireland; its last representative was Congalach O’Kelly.
The O’Kellys of royal Tara were equal in importance to those of Uí Maine until they were dispossessed after the Anglo-Norman Invasion when they were dispersed throughout the country. The last Lord of Breagh , Conghalach O Ceallaigh , died in 1292.

I am sure now that Tautha da Dannan who reached and devoloped Tara hill “teamhar” has roots in Tamil..Telugu culture…who carry culture of Sarswati river .

Brhaspati is the son of Rishi Angirasa (according to the Rig veda 4.40.1) and Surupa according to the Shiva Purana. He has two brothers named Utathya and Samvartana. He has three wives. His first wife Shuba gave birth to Bhanumati, Rakka, Archishmati, Mahamati, Mahishmati, Sinivali, and Havishmati, his seven daughters. His second wife Tara gives birth to seven sons and a daughter. Through his third wife Mamata, he has two sons, Kacha and Bhardwaja. ( Here we find Kacha – do it stand for Irish Connacht ?)
He attained his position as the preceptor of the Devas, by performing penances on the banks of Prabhas tirtha. Lord Shiva granted him this position, as well as his position as one of the Navagrahas (Nine Planets).

River Shannon / Son River
The River Shannon (: Abha na Sionainne / an tSionainn / an tSionna) is the longest river in Ireland at 386 km (240 miles). It divides the west of Ireland (principally the Province of Connadht) from the east and south (Leinster and most of Munster). County Clare, being west of the Shannon but part of the province of Munster, is the major exception. The river represents a major physical barrier between east and west, with fewer than twenty crossing-points between Limerick city in the south and the village of Dowra in the north.
The river is named for Sionna, a Celtic goddess.( People with the surname Baru have Bhardwaj as their gotra and Sajevatti as their kuldevi.)

Bharadwaja was one of the greatest Hindu Arya sages. He was one of the Saptarshis (Seven Great Sages Rishis) in the present Manvantra; with others being Atri, Vashishtha, Vishvamitra, Gautama, Jamadagni, Kashyapa.
Bhardwaj Rishi was father of Guru Dronacharya and grandfather of Ashwathama.. Drona was a master of advanced military arts, including the Devsashtra. Thus this clan is also referred as The Warrior Brahmin Clan of North India.
During the early years of Aryan Civilisation, about 3000 years ago, the king was called as “Nayak” . A Nayak’s duties were not just to rule the kingdom but also to act as the head priest. People with the surname Baru have Bhardwaj as their gotra and Sajevatti as their kuldevi.

Link to Sligo geneology

One more evidence
Munger – Monaghan

Champanagari was the capital of Angadesh (comprising Bhagalpur
and Mongher – presently known as Munger).

Bihar District Munger :Munger town is the headquarters of Munger district, in the Indian state of Bihar. Historically, Munger is known for its manufacturing of iron articles such as firearms and swords. One of the major institutions in Munger is Bihar school of Yoga. It is one of the foremost learning center in the world for Yoga and frequented by people all over the globe. Munger is situated on the banks of Ganga and known for its pleasant bathing ghats.

Irish county Monaghan is a county in Ireland. Monaghan county council is the local authority responsible for the county. It is located in the Province of Ulster and is part of the Border Region. It was named after the town of Monaghan. The population of the county is 60,495 according to the 2011 census.
O’Kellys and Connolly or Kanyakubja?
The Irish tribes (1) O’Kellys (O’ceallaigh) and Connolly (Conghaile) reminds me of Indian warrior Bhrahmin clan ” Kanya – kubja “brahmin tribes. Most of evidences lead to this ancient brahmin warrior clan of India.
Link to Kanya kubja tribe of India


Utathya One of the three sons of Mahar?i A?gir?. He was the spiritual master of Maharaja Mandhata. He married Bhadr?, the daughter of Soma (moon).
Utah county

Utah was priest of Kafirs of Hindukush. Now we find Utah county in America

Varu?a kidnapped his wife Bhadr?, and to retaliate the offense of the god of water, he drank all the water of the world. In the Book – Kafir of Hindukush – Utah – was the Priest of Kafirs and now there is county called Utah in America. Aisa bhi Hota hai?
Link to Utah

Parth and Dron

— Perthshire, officially the County of Perth (Scot: Perth (Scottish Daelic: Peairt) is a town and former city and royal Burgh in central Scotland. Sitting on the banks of the River Tay. Perthshire, officially the County of Perth (Scots: Coontie o Perth, Scottish Gaelic: Siorrachd Pheairt), is a registration county in central Scotland. It extends from Strathmore in the east, to the Pass of Drumochter in the north, Rannoch Moor and Ben Lui in the west, and Aberfoyle in the south.
Dron, a parish of SE Perthshire, whose church stands 2 miles SSE of its station and post-village, Bridge of Earn, that being 3¾ miles SSE of Perth.

Dron lies on the River Rarg in the northern foothills of the Ochil Hills, a mile (2 km) to the southeast of Bridge of Earn. The former parish church of DRon with its pinnacled tower dates from 1824

DRON, parish, with church, about 5 miles south of Perth. … DRON, Hill, with
ruins of ancient chapel, in Longforgan parish, Perthshire.
Drone Hill
, Drone Hill lies 2½ miles (4 km) east northeast of Grantshouse and 4 miles (6 km) west of Coldingham. UI DRONA, descendants of Drona, the fourth in descent from Cathaoir Mor, King of Leinster and monarch of Ireland in the 2nd century; the clan-name of the O’Ryans in the barony of Idrone, Co. Carlow. There is also town named Graiguenamanagh (Gurgaon?)

In the 9th century the chief dynasties which controlled all of the southern and central regions of Leinster were the Uí Cheinnselaig and the related tribes of Uí Dega and Uí Drona.
They also have Lyrics and songs of Goddess Tara. I am providing you links to It.

Link to Tara lyrics
Link to Tara Lyrics

Regan / Oregan state / Ugra Righata Tara

We found Utah priest of Kafirs of Hindukush in Roberetson’s book. We Indian don’t know Utah (Utathya) priest, who was worshiping Kafir’s Gods in Hindukush. Then we find Utah state in present day United states.

Oregan state of America

"Oreghan" do not remind you of "Ugra Righat Tara " temple of Mahishi ?

Now we find ancient “Ugra Righta “Tara temple in present day Bihar(India), Angdesh (land of Dhruv vanshi Rompad) , Origallu and Oregon state in united states has connection..historical connection…Vishnu connects it.
Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the united states. It is located on the Pacific Coast, with Washington to the north, California to the south, Nevada on the southeast and Idho to the east. Salem is the state’s capital and third-most-populous city; Portland is the most populous. According to the Oregon Tourism Commission (also known as Travel Oregon), present-day Oregonians , pronounce the state’s name as “OR-UH-GUN, never OR-EE-GONE.
Link to Oregan family Crest
At the end of research ….

At the end of search I come to now that Tara hills has nothing to do with Goddess Tara but It has connection with “Thri hari Garh” of Garhwal. Trihari garh was seat of High king of Devbhumi…..while Tarahill (Gyddel) of Ireland was Seat of High king of Ireland. Tri hari garh and Tara hill carry same design and same spiritual and political traditions. Four tribes of Tara has connection with Timhre ( Tamil), Kokani (Karnataka /O’Connolly), Keralite (O’Kelly).

Tirupati Tirumala Venktesh unite them all. They are ardent Bhakt of Vishnu like Bhakt Druv Dravid.

tradition of Iyre of south India and their Sub tribes can also help. Who named Patna ? The quetion should be searched.
Link to Iyre

Link to my previous article on Tara hill will explain further….
In fact O’raigain or Argon should be a particular trem of People who carry history of Kushsthali..Catholicity.

Link to Argaon of Konkan

Teamhar /Tamilar/ Tamil

Teamhar is root word of Tara Hill….Tamil has roots in this word.

link to Tamil people will explain you everything. Entire world know that they carry history of sarswati river civilization.

O’Connolly / kokani /Korikano / karnata

Link to Konkani people will explain you further facts…Nobody can deny that they carry Gaud Culture of Sarswati river civilisation.

Second link will explain their migration story.

Now don’t doubt that the same people developed Caucasus civilisation.

O’Kelly /Keralite people

Second link to Kerala..for more facts.

Link to Keralite people will lead us to ancient tribe of O’Kelly …one of the four tribes of Tara…Tirumala..Tirupati.


O’Hart…one of the tribe of Tara I can not recognise….I am not sure about It. But Tirumala Tirupati Venkteswara devasthah is best judge in this case.

O’Heart / Ahom

I consider that Ahom people has roots in O’ Heart. I have seen Cooch Behar in Iraland and in India too.




Ya ,we are in right direction. The Link will say you further History. Is it not Tara Hill tradition ?

Because now we know that Venkteswara Devasthan and Vatican are both on seven hills…both carry same design..same Priestly traditions. Same ancient ruling pattern of Vishnu. I hope that you all will search world history facts in this new light.

Yes we are in right direction.

First read about Tamil people and their rulers Cheras ,Cholas ,Pandyas.and Pallavas.

Link to Three crowned King will explain you evrything.

Link to Tiru Kukral will give further explanation to

Let us check it one by one let us begin with Chera rulers..They were called Cera..Kerala putra.

Link to Chola will explain sangam literature.

Link to Pandyan Dynasty.The perm Pattu Pattu will lead you towards Portugul…and Madrid (Madurai)

There were Three crowned Kings of Tamil people traditionally.

Then read about Triumvirate tradition of Rome and first Trimumvirate….Caesar , Pompey , Ceassus.

Now know Three Magistrate ..Trimurti of Sangam literature.

Link to Chola.….Bengali Tiger is there.

Link to Pallava….Again tiger symbol is there

Link to second tribe of Tara..Chalykya.

Link to Aihole and Pattadakal.

Link to Seleicid..Ya It was Chalukya Line

Link to Anahilwad Patan.

Link to Solanki rulers of Patan

Link to Chera Dynadty...Third tribe of Tara

Pandiyans were sons of Tadath Gai...In europe they are called Gais….

Link to Sons of Gais in Europe

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