Seir / Syr Darya/Sardar

Now we know that people of Maurya continent supproted only one dynasty that is Hanedani Ottoman turk Khilafat. paople of continent rejeted all dynasties except Hanedani Ottoman turk Khilafat. why? here is answwer 

We know now Bozrah…capital of  Edom. Edom had Seir mountain in its territory.

Now look at Syr Darya river of central asia….. Amu Darya and Syr Darya are life line of  central asia. Link Amu darya will shaw you that Panj river is its tributary. Link also mentions that Amu Darya named after ancient Amul city.That is presently in Turkmenistan Link to Amul city That is presently turkmenabad. the city is in Lebap province.

Link to Panj river that is tributary of  Amu Darya.

Now it is certain that we have go deep into Turkmenstan to get the answer that why continent supported only Hanedani Ottoman turk Khilafat for 1000 years and rejected all other dynasty?

Link to Turkmenistan will say you that it is country of Oghuz turk…That is presently in Xinjiang at that very border of Kashmir. You will find Oghuz people near Hindu kush…. Link to Ashgabad says that is It is being pronounced differently in russian and Turk. 

Now look at national animal of Turkmenistan that Akhal teke

The national animal named after one tribe that Ahal teke

To know Ahal one has to know Hittite wife of Esau that Ahal..Link to Esau will tell you further story.

Akhal teke  Hourse presenty being breed in Oasis Akhal teke

Serdar city will tell you further History.

In fact to understand  Ashgabad one has to look at Ashanti kingdom of Africa.

Link to Ashanti kingdom will say that Akan tribe founded that Kingdom. It says story of Golden stool story. Otumfuo was its king…One can find Bosumtwi lake here. Linlk to Akan clan

Ashanti and  Ashgabad has connection with Ashikaga of Japan. So subhash chandra Bose reached Japan……So Hindu suppoorted Hanedani Ottoman turk Khilafat Khilafat. Hindi Sangathan word has origin in Japani Shoghunate word.

Kashi / Kashgar /Kyoto 

Link says why continent supported Hanedani Ottoman Khilafat?

Link to Kyoto will say that they remebers Kashgar of east Turkstan…Xinjiang. Invaders form Kashgar named Kashi to Waranasi…They changed name. Link To Kashgar form where Gazani and Ghori invaded  Gandhar and Delhi.

Link to Kashi will explain you  real story….Now a days Kashi make fool Ayodhya 

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