OMICHAND WAS NOT TRAITOR BUT REAL RAM BHAKT: Lavnandan (Ramputra) in London….Vajji confederation and Waziristan..chandragupta Maurya/Roger Murray

Ramputra Lavnandan is in London ….He is in Lahore too.

Eveidences are here. we have to begin with Vajji confederstion. God Mahavir was prince of This confederation. Mahavir was Ikshvaku vanshi…. Jainisam know Ikshvaku vanshi the most. Chandragupta Maurya also belong to Licchavis…..Ikshvakuvanshi….

Link to Lichhavi will tell you history of Ikshvaku vanshis

Vajji confederation me Ikshvaku vanshi The….Waziristan me nahi ?Wazir tribes means Vajji tribes

Link to Vajji Confederation…

Link to chandragupta maurya . Borned in Waziristan itself. He also contorlled Vajji Confederation of Vaishali.

Link to clan Murray of Britain

Link to solar dynasty

Bhagwan mahavir was Ikshvaku vanshi

Amichand saccha tha…Ami chand / Omichand saccha tha. He was knowing Arihant and Ireland Both…. He was real Ram bhakt. How can we say him traitor?

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