Very Much Near Pandava But Ram Is still Far Away

Respected Readers,

If you have read the – Preface to the book ( which is in “A Book -There was Ram” section of site), then you will be aware that here we are searching – Ram and Pandavas – with total acedemic approach.

Traces of Ram

Shortly I will post which will say that search for Pandava is over now. But we shall continue our search relentlessly. We have found trace of Ram in form of – London (Lau-nandan) and Britain (Baharaich – that is Awadh). After this hard work we are sucssessful to find Pandava. Wait for real story of great migration of Pandava in Europe.

Wait for few hours only.ya, finding of “Pandava” raise ray of hope. They can be clue to Ram. They must be knowing whereabout of Ram. Pandava can not lie before us… because they are Pandava.


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