Chapter-5 : Balge tribe (Vanvasi Ram )…. BAL0ND BADRI / CHALTA BADRI / BOLGIOS / BALAJIi

“The word Bagula in Marathi means a fabulous animal of the cat-kind. Bagula Bova is still used in Marathi to frighten little children. It is stated in the present poem that Gopachandra was called Bagula as his head was put awry so as to frighten people. The name Btigulan seems to mean the country of the Bagulas.”

Rudra Kavi’s “Rastraudhavamsakavya

The Balgae is the different set of Celtic tribes.The Belgium derives its name from Balgae tribes.Listing the Balgae tribes .Wikipedia says that there are (1)Ambiani , (2)Atrebates,(3)Atuatuci,(4) Bellovasi ,(5)Caerosi ,(6)Caleti , (7)Condrusi, (8)Eburones ,(9)Menapii ,(10) Morini , (11) Nervii ,(12)Paemani , (13) Remi , (14) Suessiones , (15)Veliocassi ,(16)Viromandui were ancient Balgae tribes.

I Think Our “Ramvanshis”(And now specifically Lau – Kush and Bharatvanshis)are living there lonely life in Exile (Vanvas). Nobody recognise them. European History tells them Barbarian.The word “ Barbarian” itself says the story of their long sufferings in exile. They were called Barbarian and their ancient Kings had tradition of Long hair.It is symbol of Vanvas . Merivigian Kings have their Origin in these tribes.
Link to Merivingians

Low countries

Map of LOw countries. King Charlemagne who founded Holly Roman empire belonged to Balgae tribe branch

I have narrowed your path of search. Please try to reach yourself . As you cross the little path there will be “Ramvanshis” before you.
Merivingian’s Blood is called “Holy or Devine blood” .European tradition too believe the Blood Holy. One has to look deep in to the facts to understand “ why the Blood is Holy”?

The website helps us to understand the meaning of the word “ Robert”, It means – Raw Bharat. The name has origin in Royals .The same website can help us to understand Balgae Tribes and Low (Lau nadan).

Explaining the words “Lauwens”and “ Castellano” , website mentions that….

“ Lauwens” ( Usage: Dutch)
Means “son of Lawrence”. It is rather rare in mainly Flanders, Belgium, and often families were either spelled Lauwens or Lauwers (a bit more common) in the Duchy of Flanders and the Duchy of Brabant (14th century and further). These former regions nowadays are part of Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. In some occasions, the name can be found in the former Burgundy, and thus includes the contemporary Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, and part of Germany.”

“Castellano” (Usage: Spanish )

Means “a person from Castile” in Spanish. Castile (Castilla in Spanish) is a region (and ancient kingdom) in Spain.”
Analyse these words. The words stands for “ Lau vanshi” and “kush vanshi”. Robertian dynasty of France stands for Raw –Bharat. “Forgotten children” living lonly life in Europe. Recognise our “ Vanvasi Ram”, try to feel his sufferings and agony. I have given you all the clues.

Poet Rudrakavi gives us clue….

To realise “Ram” we have to peep into the deep mystery of Indian History.The history is open but we didnot care to read it. Everbody has started to write his own history ,forgetting the history of “Ram”,his long sufferings and struggle. The history of Balgae tribes will tell you the history of” Ramvanshis” , “Vanvasi Ram”…Barbarian Ram.

First of all I want to convey you that Word “Balgae” has its origin in the country of shri Ram itself. It is Irony of the fat that Balgium remembers “Bagula” and we forget.

Rudra Kavi’s “Rastraudha vamsa kavya” says us the story of “ Bagula” fighting on Indian soil. The Balgae tribe of Belgium has the same story and same names.

“Rastraudha vamsa kavya” was published by Janardan Sakharam Kudalkar, M. A., LL. B., Curator of State Libraries, Baroda, for the Baroda Government, and Printed by Bamchandra Yeau Shedge, at the ‘Nirnaya-Sagara’ Press, 23, Kolbhat Lane, Bombay.
The name of the author’s father was Ananta, -while that of his grandfather was Kesava. He was patronised by Nrayana Shah and his son Pratapa Shah. The present work was composed by the author after hearing the subject matter from Lakshmana Pandita.
The Rashtraudha Vans’a Maha Kavya,is a historical poem containing the history of the Bagulas of Mayuragiri, from’ the originator of their dynasty Rashtraudha, king of Kanouj to the reign of Narayana Shah , ruler of Mayuragiri, and the patron of the author.the Book narrates that…….

Book Link (Rastraudha vamsa kavya)

Godess Latan of Kanoj
“Once S’iva was playing a dice with Parvati on the peaks of Mt. Kailasa. One of the dice , accidently struck the moon in S’iva’s -crest, and a boy of eleven- sprang from the moon. Pleased with his prayer, S’iva granted him the kingship of Kanyakubja. At this time Latans, who seems to be the tutelary goddess of the kings of Kanyakubja, requested that the boy should be given to her for the throne of Kanouj. S’iva granted her request. Virabhadra presented him with a sword of victory. “Latana” then took the boy and gave him to the king Narayana of Kanouj of the solar race, who was praying God for a son. The goddess, remaining invisible, told the -king that the boy will be known as Rashtraudha, as he would support both his kingdom and the family. He learnt the four lores from Gautama Rishi, the military art from Kartikeya and the Vedas from S’iva.”

Druidic Deity Latona j

Surprisingly Godess Latan can be found in Druidic mythology.“THE MYTHOLOGY AND RITES OF THE British Druids” compiled by Edward Davies mentions that Mr. Bryant informs us, that Aren was the ark. Ladon, the mother of Angar, was no other than Latona j and the same great mythologist assures us, that Isis, the Arkite goddess, and Latona, were the same personage. This solar divinity of the Britons appears again in a poem of Taliesin, with the title T&frn On, the sovereign On. And he still retains the same ordinate rank, being described as the third deep mysteiy of the Sage. (p-526)

Book link (Druidic mythology)

Is it coincidence that We find Indian ancient Goddess Latana in European mythology ?Similarity between the term “Balgae” and “Bagula” is merely co- incidence?

Rudra Kavi further narrates that…

“As the head of Gopachandra joined obliquely appeared dreadful, the goddess called him Bagula. The decendants of Gopachandra were henceforward called Bagulas. Kalasena then putting Gopachandra on the throne of Kanyakubja ruled over Ujjain. Maha Kalingadeva, who succeeded Gopachandra, conquered the countries of Karnata, Lata, Anga, Kalinga, and Vanga.
Tripurari, Khadgasena, Arjuna, Bhimasena, Ballaladeva. Vatsaraja, . Naganfitha, Parsurama, Raghava, Viravapala, Sures’a, Kanhara and Sinhana occupied successively the throne of Kanouj.

The elder Jakharaja came to the throne ; while the other three Harihara, Yas’asvan and Sohada went to the court-of Jayasinha of Anahillapura (capital of Gujarat) for service. Harihara’s son Rama, the ornament of the Bagula race, killed king Karnala who had taken shelter in a sea fort. His son Virasena burnt Lohapura of the Yavanas.

After him ruled his son Bhairava. Dindima and other poets were patronised by him. To him the Gurjara king sent presents. His son Domaraja resorted to Mayuragiri. His son Mahadeva was a very devout worshiper of Mahadeva, and erected a temple of that god on Mayuragiri. He propitiated the god with his devotional prayers and asked of him the boon of a heroic son. The god granted him the request and his wife Manavati gave birth to a son. The astrologers prophesied that he will conquer his enemies and extend his kingdom. As he was obtained through the favour of Bhairava, and as he was to become dreadful to enemies in battles, he was named Bhairava. King Mahadeva gave plenty of gold to Brahmanas on this occasion.

Narayana Shah went to ‘ his village Sidavada with his family.
Narayana made his elder son Pratapa Shah his heir-apparent, and entrusting to his care the fort of S’alagiri, marched to Mayuragiri. The ministers and the people received him with great joy and honour and Narayana Shah was crowned as the king of Mayuragiri. “
Rudrakavi narrates that…….

“The word Bagula in Marathi ,means a fabulous animal of the cat-kind. Bagula Bova is still used in Marathi to frighten little children. It is stated in the present poem that Gopachandra was called Bagula as his head was put awry so as to frighten people. The name Btigulan seems to mean the country of the Bagulas.”

Rudrakavi further says that…..Bhairavasena had seven sons:— 1 jayadarna, 2. Virasena, 3.Nemadeva, 4. Nmyana, 5. Mhyaundeva, 6 Lakshadhira and 7. Ambadeva.
The territory of Duke Pratap Shah. According to the local story during Mughal rule the fort, was ruled by two independent Kshatriya chiefs, Pratap Shah and Bhairav Shah. These chiefs held about 1500 villages, the present district of Baglan and the Dangs. The history of Baglan. From very remote times the route of traffic between Konkan and Gujarat area lay through Baglan.”

It is very difficult to put entire book matter here. But one can see and telly the name of balgae tribes of Belgium with the name of Baglan kings and princess. For your comparision I am putting here names of Balgae tribe.(1)Ambiani , (2)Atrebates,(3)Atuatuci,(4) Bellovaci , (5)Caerosi ,(6) Caleti , (7)Condrusi, (8)Eburones ,(9) Menapii ,(10) Morini , (11) Nervii ,(12) Paemani , (13) Remi , (14) Suessiones , (15)Veliocassi ,(16)Viromandui were ancient Balgae tribes.

The suffix “ Shah also recalls Kabulshahi . Kabulshahi will be discussed in detail ,in the coming chapter “Capisa” .
Europeon counterpart literature

Now let us look at what European literature says about Belgae tribe.John T. Koch mentions in his book “Celtic culture: a historical encyclopedia, Volumes 1-5” that ,”The Belgae was the sub – group of The Guals whose territory extended from the Seine (The Gualish Sequana) to the Rhine , in what is now Belgium , northern France ,the Rhyne land in Germany ,Luxmburg ,and the southern Nedherland .Strabo considered tribes as far west as the Liger (Loire) , including the Veneti to be Belgi. The Belgae were devided in the following tribes: Ambiani ,Atrebates, Atuatusi , Bellovaci , Caeroesi, Caletes , Catuvellauni , Condrusi, Eburones, Menapii, Morini ,Nervii,Treveri, Velliocases , Viromandui and possibly the Parissi. Strabo wrote that in pre -Roman times the Belgae had once had about 3,00,000 arms bearing man.”

Book Link ( Celtic Culture)

John T. Koch further narrates that…
“Around 50 B.C. Julius Caesar wrote …..and most of the Balgae descended from the Germani and had crossed the Rhine in ancient times because of the fertility of soil and expeled the Gauls who had inhabitae this place…..There is close link between the language of Balgic Gaul and British……central European celts and Belgae formed a single cultural region.

Beli may derive from the old celtic name which is attested as both Bolgios and Belgius, and was borne by the chieftain who led the Gaul invasion of Macedonia in 280 -279 B.C. It is possible that this great leader Bolgios/Belgius came to be regarded as the namesake and ancestor of the powerful British and Gaulish tribal group of the final pre -Roman period known as the Belgae ; hence the doctrine that Beli /Belgeos was the ancestors of tribal Dynasties in Britain.” (p.200)

John T. Koch and Rudra Kavi has narrated everything , virtualy everything . The character of Balgae laeder Bolgios/Belgius will be discussed in detail in the coming chapter “ First Blood”. He led the Gaul invasion of Macedonia in 280 -279 B.C.

I am also providing you link to anther book named “ The Celtic Encyclopedia, Volume 2” By Harry Mountain. On P -381 you will find description of war heroes Brennus , Bolgios etc.

Book link

Here I am also providing you link to The book “The British Chronicles, Volume 1” By David Hughes. Page -25 will say you how Bolgios connected with Babylon , Masopotamia and Summerian kingdoms. The book is worth reading.

Book Link
Now it is up to you to “believe or not to believe.”

Now you shuold realise the “Brennus” who fought in Delphi. Now you should realise the Berhetgin , the said founder of kabulshahi dynasty of Afghanistan.Now you should realise the Capasian King Louis -16, who had been guollotined in France.Now you should realise the Robert clive, who fought for their ancestoral holy place Ayodhya. Now you should realise Vasco d Gama who arrived at Calicut.

Yes, it is the story of “Ram” and “Bharat”.It is the story of Forgotten Childern. It is the story of “Ram” and “Bharat” devided in different continents.It is the story of unrecognised “Ram” and “Bharat”, who ever walked on their ancestral path of sacrifices. It is the story of “Ram” and “Bharat” who ever fought for Bharatvarsha.

Yes ,It is Ramayan of past 2500 years.

Legend says that Yayati had cursed his four sons but world history proves that “The Ramvanshis “ also balanced that curse. It is duty of Ramvanshis to balance the world . They ever played their Role. They are Independent spirit since antiquity and still they are independent. That is “Sanatan”

Further , following geographical facts also give evidences for our Hypothication that there was not one sided migration but two sided migration from Afghanistan and Iran in the time of crisis. We assume that there was only one sided migration. The fault lies in that assumption and belief.

Rudrakavi told us that “The name Btigulan seems to mean the country of the Bagulas.”He was very right but we did not believe him. The following geographical facts shows that Rudrakavi was very right in his statement. “

The geographical names in two continents shows it.
Baglan in Wales……

Baglan is a village in Wales. The earliest reference is to ‘Bagelan’ and dates from 1199. Baglan is also the name of a community which is coterminous with the village. Baglan is located on the side of a steep hill and is surrounded by two main hills, Mynydd-y-Gaer (to the north) and Mynydd Dinas (to the east). The moors and Baglan Bay are to the S-W. The village contains a number of historical buildings such as Baglan House.

Baglan in Afghanistan

Baghlan or Baglan is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. It is in the north of the country. Its capital is Puli Khumri, but its name comes from the other major town in the province, Baghlan. The ruins of a Zoroastrian fire temple, the Surkh Kotal, are located in Baghlan.

Bagalan in Bhratvarsha

Baglan is a taluka (tehsil) in Nashik District in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Sometimes Baglan Taluka is unofficially referred to as Satana, because of that city’s dominance within the taluka.H. S. Sardesai mentions in his book “ Shivaji, the great Maratha “ that,” they originally came from Kanauj. The Mayurgiri kingdom appears to have been founded at the commencement of the fourteenth century. ( Page 118 ).

conclusion – There is Baglan in Britain surruonded by the “Mynydd-y-Gaer hills” . there is Baglan in Nasik district on Mayur Giri hills.

Yes there is connection between both Baglan. Ram was there on British Soil, while Bharat was fighting on Indian soil. Rudrakavi was very right .

Some more geographical names, which can remind you of Awadh and Lau.

Oudenburg Latin: Aldenburgensis is a municipality located in the Belgian province of West Flanders. oudenburg, founded by Arnold of Soissons, was destroyed during the French Revolution.

Oudenbosch is a village in the municipality Halderberge in the west of the Dutch province Noord-Brabant. Oudenbosch is well-known for its ‘Basiliek’ a catholic church that is a smaller copy of

Audlem is a large village and civil parish located in the unitary authority of Cheshire East and the ceremonial county of Cheshire in the north west of England, approximately 11 km (7 miles) south of Nantwich.

Leuven (Dutch,French: Louvain, often used in English, German: Löwen) is the capital of the province of Flemish Brabant in the Flemish Region, Belgium. It is located about The township comprises the historical city of Leuven and the former municipalities of Heverlee, Kessel-Lo, a part of Korbeek-Lo, Wilsele and Wijgmaal. 30 kilometers east of Brussels, with as other neighbouring cities Mechelen, Aarschot, Tienen, and Wavre.Situated at this river and nearby the stronghold of the Dukes of Brabant, Leuven became the most important centre of trade in the duchy between the 11th and the 14th century.

Louie meaning and name origin

Loui(e ) as a boy’s name is a variant of Louis (French, Old German), and the meaning of Louie is “famous warrior”. The baby name Louie sounds like Lou, Loewe and Lowe.

Low ..Lowe Lou .. word emerge from Belgium soil. There is Lau –nandan (London) in Britain.
Link to name

Here I provide you link to understand history of historical “Low countries”. It is a book by Paul Arblaster named “ A History of The Low countries”.

Book link
Celtic meaning of Holly

The Celtic meaning of holly deals with ruling the wintery realms with style, dignity and honor even in the midst of great challenge.
Just as the Oak tree is the king of the green realm and ruler of the lighter half of the year (the solar months when the sun is closer to the earth and sheds more light on the days), the holly is its counterpart.
Holly is the ruler of the white realm, king of the darker half of the year (the lunar months when the night pervades, and the annual era in which winter resides).
When all other flora have long lost their blush and gone dormant for the winter, the holly can be found still be brightly verdant against the stark white landscape. This serves as a symbolic reminder of many beatitudes.
As the ruler of winter, the holly is also associated with dreams and the subconscious. Druids would often invoke the holly energy for assistance in dream work as well as spiritual journeying.

Herewith I provide you link which can help you to understand distinct Germanic Group (1) Ingvaeonic (Agni vanshi) (2) Istvaeonic (Ikshvaku –Surya vanshi) and (3) Erminonic (Yamavanshis). The link can help you to understand languages and terminology.






BOOK LINK ” Encyclopaedia of the ?aivism” By Swami Parmeshwaranand. THAT SAY STORY OF BADRI BALAND..CHALTA BADRI..





At the end fo the research we come to know that Vatican is following Vishnu tradition of Balaji..Tirupati..Tirumala. Vatican and venkteswara temple both stand on seven Hills and both carry same design and ancient tradition of Three magistrate (Tirumala).

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