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I am senior journalist . Four years ago ,I started studying Afghanistan issue only for the sake of hobby.During course of research I came across  books like “The races of Afghanistan” (Henry Walter Bellew ) and “Kafirs of Hindukush” ( Sir George Scott Robertson). I came across the fact about  large scale migration from the area during ancient time. Particularly Mr. Bellew signals  migration by pakhtun and Afridi and says  that ..



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Robertson also tells the same story of migration . He mentioned  In his book “kafirs of Hindukush” that…

“The Katirs in the Bashgul valley informed me that they came from the west, and were once part of a numcroiis tribe which divided into two parties One division, consisting of all the wealthy and other notable persons, went to London, while the other, comprising menials only, settled in Kafiristan. This depreciation of themselves is in the true spirit of Oriental politeness. They warned me not to trust the Kam, or to believe them for an instant if they declared that they and I were descended  from a common ancestor ; for it was notorious that it was the Katirs, and not the Kam, who were of my race, the Kam being really more akin to the Russians. This also indicated that the Kafirs of the Bashgul Valley know something of the antagonistic sentiments with which the English and the Russians are supposed to regard one another in the East.”    (page 160)

Book link to: The kafirs of hindukush

The Kafir tribes were fighting since 1000 years at the very Gate way of India, and they had European look. These tribes were followers of vedic rituals.There is list of Kafir tribes in the book.The facts and details of the book shoked me.

Yes,  Kafirs of Capisa province has European look and they were followers of vedic religion.If one read the book” kafirs of Hindukush” can sense easilly that Robertson was not writting the book only, but was worshipping  the great kafir warriors.

Knowing about kafir’s  European look and large scale migration from the area in ancient time,I  started searching  kafir tribes in Europe. During course of this research the following facts emerged before me.

I found sunline Capacian dynasty in France. In fact Capisa was the province of Hindu/Baudh kingdom near Bamiyan. Nowadays it is Nuristan.French Capacian  Dynasty belonged to  Robertian anscestry. While Berhat dynasty ruled Capisa for 60 generation in Hindukush.I found similarity between Capisa and Capasian, Robert and Berhat.

I came across the facts that Iksvakuvanshi  migrated alongwith Germanic tribe to Europe in 500 B.C. Balgae and Celtic tribes has its root in  Hindustan.

The same Belgae and celtic tribes of Europe also helped Indian immigrants in Anatolia after Alexander’s invasion on Bharatvarsha. Further I came across facts that tribes from Bharatvarsha as well as from Europe  reached  Anatolia (present Turkastan), they founded there colonies, and attacked Macedonia and Greece.

To  confirm the facts I tried to know the meaning of  word “Robert” . website says that Robert  means “ Raw – berhet”. Historian of Islamic invader Al-beruni mentioned that Berhetgin dynasty ruled Capisa, the gateway of India. They ruled Capisa for 60 generations. Gazani’s  historian Al-biruni mentioned that kabulshahi dynasty was of Tibetan origin, but having turkik culture. Presence of Iksvakuvanshi in Europe and the meaning of Robert ( Raw –Bharat ), as well similarity between Capisa  and capasian ,threw my research in quite new direction and horizon. Suddenly I found Raw Bharat in Europe. So I started searching Ram there.

I checked the History of Britishers, I checked the history of Iberian peninsula (Portugul- spain) . I found so many Indian tribes resorting in Europe. Celtic tribes is synonym of Kamboj or Ashwak tribes of Ancient India. I found Kama and viron tribes mentioned  in –kafirs of Hindukush there in Europe. I found cocani teribe in Iberia and Ireland.

All the evidences conveys me that European tribes are originally ancient Indian warrior tribes of vedic period. The people migrated there in 500 B.c and before. They themselves says that they are sons of Manus.(yes they use plural form of Manu.They are very right. In fact there were 14 Manus ( 13  Manu ruled Tibet and 14th Manu established Ayodhya after great flood means Jalpralay)There is “Isle of Man”, and Tara(ancient goddess of Tibetan  tradition) hill  near Britain.  I found no difference between statue of “Godess Britania” and “ statue of Bharatmata”.

Robert clive faught Plassey and Baxar war and made free Ayodhya. Yes ,we have to consider this event and fact as an evidence.This very evidence suggests that Robert was suryavanshi .I could  realise that Ayodhya was priority for  Britishers ( and for French too). Only after winning Ayodhya their victory march commenced  in India.

I found that there were  two kingdoms in Britain. (1) kingdom of London that stand for Lau-nandan     (Lowonidonjon)    and (2) kingdom of Hastinga that stand for Hastinapur . Warren Hasting followed Robert Clive , Hasting reitreated his soverenity and  challenged Delhi Sultnat. I found that word “count” stands for mother Cunta. There is Maa Cunta- Sat Cunta province there in Finland. The meaning of Finland is “The sun”.Yes , these  facts lead and compel me to write this book.

I found that “Breizh” is the root  word of ” Breton” .  I found similarity between midland and Awadh. I found similarity between historical awadh “Bahraich” and “ Breizh”. I found similarity between Gond province(Awadh) and Gwendeg  of Milland. I found similarity between river saryu (Awadh) and river Soar. I found similarity between river Tedhy (Awadh) and river trent  of Midland.

People of Capisa fought for 1000 years. When Capisa was sinking in 1896, entire India forgot Capisa(gate way of India) , Only Ramvanshis were there to listen to kafir warrior’s last shriks and cries full of agony . Yes only Ram was there to listen to the last shriks of Kafirs.Kafirs of Capisa province ,having European look and followers of Vedic Rituals fought against Islam for 1000 years. We failed to listen to their last shriks but warriors of so called kingdom of London (Lau-nandan) and Hastinga (Hastinapur) reached up to Kafiristan. Kafirs recognised them but we could not.These facts filled me with sorrow and pain. The present book is outcome of that pain.

All these facts inspired me to write  34 articles series named – In search of Ram- in leading local News paper. During the course of articles not at single instance controversy prevailed . Readers read articles with full intrest. All the available evidences were put before the readers. During the course I found some new evidencies and I wrote second series of Articles named “ Aisa Bhi hota hai”

Yes, suddenly I found the proof  and evidences,  which lead us to believe that British and French dynasties are Suryavanshi (sun line) dynasties. Suryavanshis and chandravanshis(Moonline) are dwelling in Europe.

Iberia or spain –portugal also says different set of story. Madrid , Girona , pontevedra , Belaric Island and Tomar city  as well as Andorra (Andhra?) says the migration story of sons of  Turvasu (son of Yayati) Who ruled Baluchistan and letteron south India. Keral. Andira , pandyan, Chera, chola were sons of Turvasu and their  dynasties ruled south India . Their representative –Vasco da Gama reached Calicut.

I realized Druv , in their Druidic priest tradition.

Anatolia is historical junction. History of Troy and Bithynia , Galatia connects the history of Europe and Bharatvarsha .We shall discuss these historical connection in detail.
Kaling war : Turning point

Thrace and Ilyrians of Europe are clue to history. Migration story began with Trozan war and before.Before 2500 years there was saviour drought in Bharatvarsha. Most Germanic tribes reached bank of Danube at that time.Invasion by Alexander caused second wave of migration.But I think Kalinga war in India and development afterwards closed thier doors for coming back from war Ground.They were away from homeland and suddenly everything changed at home. The statue of Dying warrior of Galatia symbolically represnt the inner feelings of the warriors, who were far away from homeland. Their culture ,tradition,recognistion ,spirit and evrything suddenly lost. They took Shalters in Blessings of Jesus christ and his Apostles. It was irony of Fate. ya, Kaling war (In Bharatvarsha) and its offshoots blocked their process of home coming.
Historical evidences suggest that when Kalinga war fought on Indian soil , half of Kalinga warriors were there with Ramvanshis on european soil. They were far away from homeland when Kalinga invaded and collapsed. Irony of Fate compelled them to develop new Bahraich (Awadh), New Gonda, new Devipatnam ,new Kalinga , new Puri , new Tara tarini ,new Stankhand ,new Madra, new Salwa ,new Gajpati/Ganjam, New Avanticum , new Karnata, new Bellary,New Andhra , New Dhenkanal , new Mathura, new Vindobona,new Jesselmer,new Mahismiti,New Marwar,new Sakala , new Girivraj (Girnar) , new Sampat,new Kunti Rashtra, new Utkal , new Virbhum ,new kindom of Hastinga(Hastinapur),new Kuru on European land ,far away from home land. They Called it Arup (Formless)- Europe…..! We have to remember that few of them called “Count”. In Sanskrit we pronounce it as countey- sons of mother Cunti.

Some of them developed Babilonian and Sumerian civilization too.

Then everybody Forget….
Migrated warriors lost hope of transformation In India, setted on foreign land . For Indians they became Foreigners. Guru Gorakhnath and Guru Shankracharya saved and Shaped Hindutva afterwards in India . It raised ray of hope in heart of Ikshvakuvanshis and chandravanshi warriors, who were far away in Europe before that. Guru Gorkhnath and Shankracharya dont know them but Adi Avasthya who came to Ayodhya to meet Manu, know them and ever remain with them as Spiritual Guide. Chritianity was formed according to guidance of age old Adi Avasthya tradition. Vatican’s root word is “Vats” and rootword of “vats” is “o’vateis”. It has connection with Awasthya. Avasthya is working hard since centuries to save Sanatan religion. Vatican brought unity in Kaurava and Pandava with his hard work. He served Sanatan religion the most. It is Irony of Fate that Avasthya, Ram and Pandva had to struggle hard to save Sanatan religion away from Homeland. while at homeland new form of Hindutva took shape in guidance of Guru Gorkhanath and Shankryacharya.People in India forget Adi Avasthya. But “Oghad” is connection between two. One has to check similarity between ancient “Oghad Hindu cult” and Ogham cult of ancient Europe.
In my terminology Ramvanshi and Pandavvanshis were in Europe. Meanwhile Hindutva took new shape at homeland and gradually people of India forget Ram and Pandava and Avasthya who were away from homeland. They become matter of Past and worship only.

The facts I encountered  puzzled me. After knowing “Ram” how one can sit idle without showing gratitude towards “Ram” ?! In  fact I am Kavad yatri. I travelled from Gangotri to Rameshwaram with Holy Ganga water on foot. It took 5 months to reach Rameshwaram. I did “Gangajal Abhishek” on Rameshwarm. Nowadays I am journalist . I was searching and  researching  present Afghanistan issueI . During course of research I encountered new facts which filled me  with sorrow and pain . I think people should know the truth.

In fact all the evidences  suggest that Ramvanshis ,who ruled  Taxashila and Capisa as well as allied  chandravanshi tribes of ancient Bharatvarsh , migrated to  Europe ,and reached back  Hindustan at the time of crisis. Kingdom of “Lowonidonjon” and kingdom of “Hastinga “ says the story of their inner feelings. I want to finger out  two possibilities. (1)Is it possible that Ikshvakuvanshis or Ramvanshis who ruled Awadh , are in exile (vanvas) in Europe? (2) Pandava who faught and won Mahabharat war , are in Guptvas in Europe? We shall try to search out these possibilities with comlete academic approach  in this book. The Book carries the facts Beyond history. Readers are  invited to join in this academic exercise.

About title of the book……

In fact I wanted to write a book  named “ There is Ram”, but the evidences lead me painfully to write the book named “ There was Ram”.

In coming book one can see all the  facts without missing anything. At completion point of the book , readers can suggest titles of their choice. Until that book will carry this tentative title. We shall carry reader’s survey for the final title of the book.

Your  feedback and suggestions are always welcome. You can check the facts narrated in the book. I  am using mostly online facts and pictures. You can telly all the facts yourself. Can guide me too.

Now let us start  journey towards beyond history , which will  unfold true Story of  central global family.


chandrakant Marwadi

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