Goddess Britannia and Bharatmata-(2) Brigantes = Bargujar

similarity between the picture of Goddess britannia and Bharatmata says the story of great migration

similarity between Baratmata and goddess Britania signals what?

Bhrat Mata,Mother India, or Bhratmata) is the “National personification” of “India” . She is usually depicted as a woman clad in a “Saffron (color)” “Sari”and sometimes accompanied by a “Asiatic Lion”

The image of Bharatmata formed with the “Indian independence movement” of the late 19th century. A play by Kiran Chandra Bandyopadhyay, Bharat Mata, was first performed in 1873. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay’s 1882 novel “Anandamath” introduced the hymn “Vande Mataram”, which soon became the song of the emerging freedom movement in India.

I want to remind you that when Germanic tribes reached Danube in 500 B.C., first they estblished Goddess Abnoba at the place of Origin of Danube. Does it signals something?

If we look at goddess Britannia than, in AD 43 the Roman Empire began its conquest of the island, establishing a province they called Britannia, which came to encompass the parts of the island south of Caledonia (roughly Scotland). The native Celtic inhabitants of the province are known as the Britons. In the 2nd century Roman Britannia came to be personified as a goddess, armed with a trident and shield and wearing a centurion‘s helmet.


At The end of Research

Now it is confirm that Brigantes were clue to Bhratmata. The people migrated from Garhwal and Kumaon and established Gwyddel and Cumbria on British /Irish land is clue to Goddess Britannia and Bhratmaa…! Means First Blood of Bharatvarsha that reahed this far away land is clue to Goddess Britannia and Bharatmata.
We forget and betrayed Bargujar clan of India. Bargujars are lav vanshi. Then how can we recognise Brigantes ?

Link to Brigantes tribe

Link to Bargujar tribe of India..

About Chandrakant Marwadi

Researching ancint history.Have found that original name of London is Lav nanda. The fact shocked me. At end of research....that is thesis...anti theses and synthesis..I have following historical facts. Halahal / Holy I have found that We Sanatan dharmi people lost connection with Halahal tradition of Shiva. We turned Amrut seekers only. Rome and Greece has origin in Mahismiti ancient capital of Avantika. Mycenaean civilisation of Crete has origin in Mahishmati...Capital of Avantika . We have forgotten our savior Dharmapal or Gaurdians of Halahal. How can we recognise Paul and Paletine Hills of Rome ? To understand History of Trilokpati Ram and Shiva we have to go deeper in to History of Anhilwad (Gujarat) , Vallabhi - Oinwara ( Bihar) and England (Wales). All three kingdoms has origin in same root...same Skand. Go deep into the realm of Kritikas and Crete..Valli and Wales... Avantika and Aventicum and find eternal connection between Gaud / God......Halahal and Holy. Turk /Tarakasur Today's Indian history don't discuss much Turks....first invaded India. We could not spread our ancinet Scripture message...That Turks are Tarakasur. With this first folly... Then we could not recognise Lav nandan and Kartikeya too... Our real saviours. The jew lot in disguise started Azadi movement started quit india movement with Khilafat movement..in support of Turkish khilafat. Our this act broken heart of Kartyikeya and Lavnandan.
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