President visited Salwa kingdom ? or Salzburg?

salzburg in Austria

Salzburg stands for Salwa ? Satyavan belonged to Salwa family

Recently our President Pratibha patil visited Austria and switzerland . During her visit to Austria she visited Salzburg city too. I want to remind you that there was ancient Kingdom of Salwa in Bharatvarsha. We ever remember story of Satyavan and Savitri. Religious women in India celebrate “Vat Savitri” with Austerity. Mahrhi Aurbindo even wrote epic named “Sawitri”. Satyavan belonged to Salwa family while Savirti belonged to Madra Family. Sati Savtri brought back her husband Satyavan from grip of Yama.
And now our president visited Salzburg. Do it not remind you of Salwa (Satyawan?).There is Madrid too in Spain. Madird was founded during Austrian Rule. Does it not remind you of Madra ? An ancient kingdom of Bharatvarsha. Sawitri belonged to Madra family.King Vyusitswa was thier ancestor. The capital city of Slovenia is Britislava. means Slavic stands for Salwa? Satyawan belonged to that family.

Following is news item published in newspapers.
Austrian politicians host banquet honouring Pratibha Patil

Fri , 7 Oct ’11

President Pratibhadevi in Salzburg. Salzburg stands for Salwa family? Satyavan belonged to Salwa family.

Austrian politicians, Gabi Burgstaller and Heinz Schaden, hosted a banquet in honour of Indian President Pratibha Devisingh Patil upon her arrival in Salzburg city on Thursday. Burgstaller, governor of Salzburg and Schaden, Mayor of Salzburg city accorded a warm reception to Patil on her arrival in Salzburg as part of her four-day tour of the country. Earlier Patil visited the Austrian Parliament in Vienna and met Barbara Prammer, President of the National Council of Austria. Patil also addressed the Austria-India Business Forum in Vienna, urging Austrian business leaders to often interact with their Indian counterparts and help them to face the global challenges.
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Barbara Prammer
In above news there is clear mentioning of Prammer. Ya, Bhoja rulers of Bharatvarsha were Parmar vanshi. Prar or Prague was Founded by premysil rulers. Brovij (Bhoja?) ruled from Prar or Prague.

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