Chapter-4 : Celtic tribes (chandravanshi /Ashvakas)

“ What the French call the “science des origines” , the science of origin ,- a science which is at the bottom of all real knowledge of the actual world ,and which is everyday growing in interest and importance – is very incomplete without a thorough critical account of the celts , and their genius , language and literature.”
Celtic Literature (p-24)
Matthew Arnold

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Due to unknown reason migration story of ancient Indian tribes started in 500 B.C. In fact migration story began even before Germanic tribes migrated to Danube bank ,but let us check history with 500 B.c. as benchmark.The ancient vedic Indian tribes migrated in Europe and kept their culture and tradtion intact for so many generations. In present chapter we shall try to know some facts about celtic tribes dwelling in Europe.

Missing chapters of Indian history

We Indian forget our ancient history and traditions. Since Aexander’s invasion we have missing chapters in History . Gradually we also forget that ancient history .Due to this , these migrated tribes who are away from home land are not in a position to convey the truth to us. We never imagined that after Alexander’s invasion Indian warrior tribes also attacked Macedonia. Yes this point is out of our imagination. History connects at that point itself. (Latteron we shall look at History of Anatolia. Anatolia connects History of Bharatvarsha and Europe after invasion by Alaxander. Gradually all the petals of ancient history will open up in present book. We will also check the following points in coming chapters – Why they did not return back? Which historical facts blocked their home coming ?)

In fact celtic tribes are carrier and creator of ancient history ,culture and traditions of Bharatvarsh.They were leaders of Ancient Indian classical culture.In previous chapters I put some facts with historical hypothication that there was drought in India and ancient tribes migrated to Danube bank. In present chapter we shall look at similaritry between ancient (time line After Alezxander’s invasion) Europe.
Mons Abnoba
John T. Koch mentons in his book “ Celtic culture: a historical encyclopedia, Volumes 1-5” that ,“Abnoba was the tutelary deity of the black forest in Germany ,an area roman ligions Identified as Mons Abnoba , from the eastern slops of its mountain flow three streams that join to form the river Denube. A stone statue inscribed DEAE ABNOBA found at Muhlburg , depicts the goddess dressed as the graeco -Roman Godess Diana , touching a tree beneath which are huond and hare ,Diana’s attributes.A relief found at the source of river Brigach includes images thought to represent Abnoba ,her hare, stag and a bird.(page -7)
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Unfortinately as the centuries passes ,people residing in their homeland forget this migration story. The story of migration become so complicated that they lost their last hope of recognition.During course of research I come accross their deep feeling of lonliness and pathos on the subject.

Clue in Last Shriks of Kafirs

In Chapter -2 of present book (whispering silence), we listened to those lamenting voices .I have already mentioned that my research has its base in present day Afghanistan. Kafir tribes who faught for 1000 years at the very gate of Hindustan is base of my research..I got all clues in Kafir tribes and then I started searching those kafir tribes in Europe.One of the Kafirs told Author Robertson that………

“The Katirs in the Bashgul v’alley informed me that they came from the west, and were once part of a numcroiis tribe which divided into two parties.One division, consisting of all the wealthy and other notable persons, went to London, while the other, comprising menials only, settled in Kafiristan. This depreciation of themselves is in the true spirit of Oriental politeness. They warned me not to trust the Kam, or to believe them for an instant if they declared that they and I were descended from a common ancestor ; for it was notorious that it was the Katirs, and not the Kam, who were of my race, the Kam being really more akin to the Russians. This also indicated that the Kafirs of the Bashgul Valley know something of the antagonistic sentiments with which the English and the Russians are supposed to regard one another in the East.” (page 160)(Book –Kafirs of Hindukush)
In that book I come across tribe name Pressun Viron. Now I come across that Presun viron tribe who faught against Islam for 1000 years at the very gate of India, is part of Germanic tribes. Then Prussia stands for Pressun or Puru?

Now let us check similarity between tribes of Ancient Afghanistan and that of Europe…..

Asvakas (kamboja)
Let us look at , what Wikipedia, says about Ashwakas. “The Asvakas or Asvakayanas, classically called the Assacenii/Assacani (Sanskrit), is the Sanskrit name of a people who supposedly lived in northeastern Afghanistan and the Peshawar Valley. They are/were believed to be a sub-group of the Greater Kamboja tribe profusely referenced in ancient Sanskrit/Pali literature and were partitioned into eastern and western Asvakas . They find mention in the Puranas, Mahabharata and numerous other ancient Sanskrit and Pali texts. Today, their descendants are mostly heterogeneous people.
Based on evidence from Indika of Megasthenes (c. 350 BC-290 BC), Pliny (Gaius Plinius Secundus) (23 AD–79 AD) refers to clans like Osii (Asii), Asoi, and Aseni in his Historia Naturalis and locates them on river Indus mainly in the northern western frontier parts parts of modern Pakistan which region exactly constituted the ancient Kamboja. The Osii, Taxilae, Amanda, Peucolaitae, Arsagalitae (=Urasa + Gilgit), Asoi, Geretae and Aseni etc were all related clans and constituted mostly the Gandhara and Kamboja population. Amanda (Gandhara) , Taxilae, Peucolaitae etc belonged to the Gandhara set-up whereas Asoi (Aspasioi—the Asvayanas), Geretaei (Guraeans) , Asii (Asvakas/Asvakayanas), Aurasa (=Hazaras), (i.e. the Arsa-(Aurasa-) component of the Arsagalitae), and the Aseni etc belonged to the Kamboja.”
Does above mentioned Ashwaka tribes suggest some sort of similarity with celtic tribes ? Look at list of Celtic tribes .Here I am providing you link to List.
List of Celtic tribes

List with illustration

enlarge and look at

Shursaones in Mathura while sanones in europe

Try to compare above mentioned Ashwaka tribes with that list of celtic tribes.There are celtic tribes like – (1)Allobroges /Vienne), (2)Andecavi (Angers), Aquitani – Bordeaux)Armoricani , (5)Arverni- Gergovia) (6)Cateni (north and west of Sutherland) – they gave the county its Gaelic name Cataibh and (7)Taexali (Angus and Grampian). One can easily see similarity between Awshaka and Celtic tribes Kateni and Taxile tribes are clear cut clue. Both tribes names are similar in both the lists.
Taxile Clear clue to Taxsila
The “Taxile” tribe gives us perfact clue. This tribe is common in both the lists, without any change in word form. Taxile helps us to understand the similararity prevailes between other celtic and Ashwakas tribes. Taxile also proves the homeland of celtic tribes.
Kateni –Katir
“The kafirs of Hindukush” , the book written by Robrtson helps us to understand similarities between Celtic and Kamboj tribes .
If we compare other celtic tribes with Ashwakas or Kamboj than there is Cateni Celtic tribe resideing in north and west of Sutherland. they gave the county its Gaelic name Cataibh .Robrtson mentions “Katir” Kafir tribe in the Book. Don’t you feel similarity between “Cateni” celtic tribe and Kafir “Katir tribe” ?
Don’t you feel that the Celtic tribes like Allobroges – Vienne), Andecavi (Angers), Aquitani – Bordeaux),Armoricani and Plentusii have their roots in Ashwaka or kamboj tribes like Arsagalitae,Amanda ,Aurasa and Peucolaitae ? Does it not suggest that “kamboja” and “celtic” are synonimus term ?
Haihaya – Talajanghas –Germany ?

And lastly I want to convey you clue that most probably connects History of ancient Bharatvarsha and Germany . The Haihayas were an ancient confederacy of five ganas (clans), who claimed their common ancestry from Yadu. According to the Harivansha Purana (34.1898) Haihaya was the great grandson of Yadu and grandson of Sahasrajit. In the Vishnu purana (IV.11), all the five Haihaya clans are mentioned together as the Talajanghas. The five Haihaya clans were Vitihotra, Sharyata (mentioned elsewhere in the Puranas as the descendants of Sharyati, a son of Vaivasvata Manu), Bhoja, Avanti and Tundikera. The Haihayas migrated from the west to the present-day Malwa region of Western Madhya pradesh). The Puranas style the Haihayas as the first ruling dynasty of Avanti.

Ya, Haihaya connects Europe and Bharatvarsha. In Europe we also find Avanticum, Boii (Bhoja / Byzantine) tribe and Bandhavgarh (of Bundelkhand – India where Haihaya ruled) too. Even today 16 Federal states of Germany are called Bundesland. Is it not perfact clue? Then Brandenburg – Berlin stands for Bandhavgarh? Munich stands for Mahismiti?

Chapter will continue. Remaining part of the chapter-4 will be posted soon.

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